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Signs and Symptoms of ADHD

Could your child have ADD or ADHD? Read up on the classic and lesser-known signs and symptoms of attention deficit and hyperactivity disorders.

ADD and Lying

It's not the lying that's the problem with most kids with ADHD. They need to learn specific skills. read more

ADD and Self-Expression

Many children with ADD have additional learning problems. read more

ADHD and Handwriting

Many students with ADHD do in fact have problems with the fine motor coordination necessary for writing. read more

ADHD and Preschoolers

It's not at all unusual for parents to suspect that their preschooler might be exhibiting signs of ADHD. read more

ADHD and Written Expression Disorder

Many children with ADHD also have problems with writing, but there are no quick solutions to written expression disorders. read more

ADHD or Gifted?

A good evaluation for ADHD must include taking a very complete patient history. read more

ADHD or Terrible Twos?

There's a huge range of what is "normal" and appropriate for young children. read more

ADHD Symptoms Obvious at Home, but Not at School

Many kids unwind -- and unravel -- after school. This doesn't necessarily mean the parents are doing anything wrong. read more

ADHD, Behavioral Problems, and Failing Grades

When it seems like your child's problems involve more than ADHD, here's what you need to do. read more

ADHD: Is This Your Child?

Discover some of the telltale signs of ADHD and find resources to help your child. read more

ADHD: What Are the Signs?

ADHD: What Are the Signs? ADHD is considered a mental health disorder. Only a licensed professional, such as a pediatrician, psychologist, neurologist, psychiatrist, or clinical social worker, can make the diagnosis that a child, teen, or adult has ADHD. These professionals use the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition, Text Revised (DSM-IV-TR) as a guide (APA, 2000). read more

APD, ADHD, and Anxiety

Many children with ADHD also have accompanying learning problems. read more

Child with ADHD Shows No Remorse

Children with ADHD require an environment that demands accountability from everyone, consistently and fairly. read more

Correlation Between ADHD and Gifted Children?

Some of the traits noted in children with ADHD are also seen in children who are gifted or talented. read more

Diagnosed with ADHD

There are important steps that need to be taken to make a diagnosis of ADD/ADHD. read more


Does distractibility in a child signal the need for evaluation? read more

Do My Son's School Problems Indicate ADHD?

When your child is having problems completing class work and staying at his desk, it may be time to have him checked for ADHD. read more

Five-Year-Old Is ADHD and Oppositional

Find out what steps to take when your child is exhibiting oppositional-defiant behaviors. read more

Growing Up with ADHD

Growing Up with ADHDEven when David Johnson was a toddler, his mother, JoAnn, suspected he'd have problems in school. "He just didn't sit and play with anything; he'd move from one thing to another," says JoAnn. When David started school, the teachers in his Milwaukee, Wisconsin classroom had questions about his behavior; by the start of second grade, JoAnn was convinced she knew what was wrong. "I went to school the first week of class and he wasn't getting anything done. He just couldn't focus." read more

Is it ADHD?

Our expert advises a parent who fears her son may have a disability. read more

Lack of Support from Family Doctor

When the "expert" opinions don't match, what should a parent do? read more

Nephew Is Out of Control

There can be lots of causes for "out-of-control" behavior, and ADHD is certainly a possibility. read more

Out of Control at School

Talk to your pediatrician first if your child seems to be out of control at school. read more

Part One: Does Your Child Have ADHD?

Is your child easily distracted or always on the go? Take this two-part quiz and find out if your child's symptoms fit the ADHD profile. read more

Part Two: Does Your Child Have ADHD?

Is your child fidgety, always on the go, or easily distracted? Maybe he has ADHD. Take this two-part quiz and find out if your child's symptoms fit the ADHD profile. (If you haven't taken the first part of the quiz, answer the questions here). read more

Questions About ADHD

There are many reasons why a child may have trouble staying on task, and a diagnosis of ADD/ADHD should not be made lightly. read more

Reading Problems and ADHD

Our expert gives advice to a stepparent whose 14-year-old is reading at second-grade level. read more

Right-Brained Children

Is it true that children with ADD are right-sided children who are more visual learners then left-sided children? read more

Son Is Resisting His ADHD Medication

It's sometimes necessary to give a child more complete information about ADHD and why medication is necessary for him. read more

Son May Have ADHD

A parent is puzzled by a teacher's "diagnosis" of ADHD, since the child doesn't show those symptoms at home. read more