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Private vs. Public School

Do private schools align their lessons with the Core Curriculum? Are public school classes small enough for one-on-one help in the classroom? Get the answers to your most pressing questions about private versus public schools.

Are Parochial Schools Okay?

Parochial, private, and public school education can all benefit kids. read more

Boarding School Decision

An expert cautions parents not to rush to make a decision about high school for their ten-year-old son. read more

Boarding School Dilemma

An expert weighs in on public school versus private boarding school. read more

Can You Afford Private School?

Can You Afford Private School?"Tuition's One-Fifth of Our Salaries"At a public school north of Boston, 14-year-old Rob was bringing home a report card of straight Fs. His mother Jackie feared he wouldn't make it through eighth grade. read more

Changing from Private to Public School

When children change schools, problems sometimes arise when the curricula are different. Learn what you can do. read more

Homeschooling vs. Public School

Learn where to find statistical information on homeschooling versus public schooling. read more

Is Private School Better Than Public School?

There is no evidence that gifted children do better in private than in public school. They do best when their needs are met. read more

Is Private School the Answer?

Find out what you should consider when choosing a school for your teen. read more

Mom Questions Parochial School Influence

A mother fears that her son will become Catholic is he remains at a parochial school. read more

Montessori Schools for Gifted Kids?

Montessori programs can be wonderful for gifted children. read more

Parochial vs. Public Schools

Discern the differences between a parochial school and a public school. read more

Private School and ADHD

What sort of intervention is most appropriate for a child with ADHD who is attending a private school? read more

Private Schooling Is Not a Requirement for Gifted Students

Private schools are not necessarily better for the gifted student than public schools. read more

Public or Private School for Child with ADHD?

A parent wonders whether her child's needs would be better served by a private school than a public school. read more

Public or Private School?

Which provides better opportunities for your child, public or private school? read more

Public vs Private Schools

A parent wonders whether sending his child to a private school will confer some sort of advantage in getting into college. read more

Seventh-Grader Wants to Attend Larger School

It's not unusual for kids in private/parochial schools to think they are missing out on a much richer and more stimulating life in public school. read more

Son with ADHD Switching to Private School

When a child with ADHD starts a new school, it's important to get him into special services as soon as possible. read more

Will Parochial School Help Daughter's Behavior?

Parents have the responsibility for setting the expectations and boundaries for children. Schools do not control a student's behavior. read more