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Is your child's school curriculum making the grade?

Changing from Private to Public School

When children change schools, problems sometimes arise when the curricula are different. Learn what you can do. read more

Common Core Confusion: A Guide to Understanding Your Child's Schoolwork

Common Core Confusion: A Guide to Understanding Your Child's Schoolwork If you have a school-aged child currently learning under the Common Core Standards, you might have noticed that the curriculum your child is learning is vastly different from what you remember from your own school days. Does your third grader's homework seem impossible to you? Does your second grader mention terms you've never heard before? read more

Do You Know What Your Child Should Know?

Do You Know What Your Child Should Know?Take our quiz to see if you know what your child will be learning in her classroom. Just click on your child's grade level: read more

Literature Outside the Classroom

If you're unsatisfied with the literature in your child's classroom, take the initiative to pursue the classics on your own. read more

My Son's Teacher Is Too Tough

The attitude you have about your child's teacher can affect your child's success with that teacher. read more

The Core Knowledge Curriculum

The Core Knowledge CurriculumIt was first tested in Fort Myers, Florida, in 1990. Based on the premise that a shared body of common knowledge is crucial for citizens of a democracy, "core knowledge" has gone from a philosophy to a growing phenomenon that has revolutionized over 350 schools across the country. read more

Transitioning from Parochial to Public School

Transition to a new school is never easy, and it can be even more difficult when a child moves from one level to another. read more