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Keep your child open-minded and teach her all about the different cultures of the world.

2000 Election Fiasco in Florida: The Exclusion of Black Voters

2000 Election Fiasco in Florida: The Exclusion of Black Voters Who said the days of excluding African-Americans from the polls were over? read more

A la Limon: A Traditional Puerto Rican Song

This printable has the musical notation and wording for the traditional Puerto Rican song, A La Limon. read more

A Morning at Work

Directions Most mornings, children are aware that one or more adults in the family are going off to work. Make the necessary arrangements to have your child accompany or visit the adult one morning. Show your child around the workplace and explain what goes on. As a result, your child will understand better where the adults go and what they do while they are away from home. read more

African Names

African Names What's in a Name The names used by many African tribes are often Arabic in nature, as Islamic traditions had a strong influence in Africa for centuries. What's in a Name Imani was the name chosen by actress Jasmine Guy and husband Terence Duckette for their daughter. read more

African-American Business in Early America

African-American Business in Early America Although there were successful African-American innkeepers, landholders, and tradesmen in America from the seventeenth century onwards, the African-American entrepreneurial spirit began to blossom in earnest in the period from the 1790s to the years before the Civil War. During this era, African-Americans started businesses in many fields, but focused strongly on enterprises related to crafts production and personal services. read more

All About Beijing

Beijing is quickly becoming a top destination choice for adventurous tourists, who will find it a modern, accommodating city with comfortable hotels, wonderful restaurants, shopping, sightseeing, and plenty of nightlife. Whether you are making the trek to this ancient capital or simply want to learn more about it, you'll find some details here. read more

All About Hanukkah

How much do you know about the celebration of Hanukkah? Take our quiz and find out. read more

All About the Buffalo

Learn about the different things the buffalo provided for the Plains Indians in this reading comprehension lesson. read more

American Indian Art and Technology Quiz

Native Americans used art for both decoration and practical purposes. Test your knowledge of the many forms of Native American craftsmanship. read more

American Indian Populations in the U.S.

Background information on Native American topics including reservations, tribes, languages, voting rights, treaties, and more. read more

American Indian Regions

Children map the four main Indian regions of the United States. read more

American Indian War History Quiz

How much do you know about the first wars in America? Take the American Indian War History Quiz to find out. read more

Animal Skin Clothing

A reading comprehension lesson on how the Native Americans used animal skins for clothing. read more

Arab Americans

Assist children to understand the culture and history of Arab Americans with this role playing interview activity. read more

Aztec Empire Quiz

Test your knowledge of the Aztec Empire! read more

Blank Mask

This mask can be made into a personalized craft for each student by coloring and gluing objects onto it. The decorated mask can be used as a Halloween mask, for Mardi Gras, or any other celebration involving costumes. read more

Celebrating the African-American Entrepreneurial Spirit

Celebrating the African-American Entrepreneurial Spirit In 1999, United Bank of Philadelphia, which was named Bank of the Year by the U.S. Small Business Administration and Financial Company of the Year by Black Enterprise magazine, received $3 million in funding from the U.S. Treasury as part of its Community Development Financial Institution program. read more

Cheyenne Native American Game

Have your child learn how to play an old Native American game. This Cheyenne game is fun and easy to learn! read more

Chinese New Year Quiz

When does the celebration begin? Have you got your firecrackers ready? It's time to see how much you know about this holiday. read more

Christmas Customs Around the World

Test your knowledge of Christmas customs from around the world. read more

Christmas Origins

Do you think you are a whiz at the history of Christmas? Take our quiz and find out. read more

Civil Rights at the Century's End

Civil Rights at the Century's End As the old century gave way to the new, it was hard to say whether African-Americans as a group were in a better or a worse situation than they had been a half-century earlier. The civil rights movement had won integrated schools and transportation, voting rights, better job opportunities, and real political power. Consider the following benchmark statistic: When Congress passed the Voting Rights Act in 1965, fewer than 100 African-Americans held elective office in the United States; by 1990 there were more than 7,000. read more

Coastal Indians -- Canoes

Test your child' comprehension with this reading passage about the canoes the Coastal Indians used for transportation. read more

Coastal Indians -- Longhouses

A reading comprehension passage about Coastal Indian Longhouses. read more

Communities Worksheet

Children will use the internet to find things that help make a community. read more

Culture Pizza Slice

Before you start making your wheel, read the instructions. Then print this slice 10 times, cut out the wedges, and paste them together to make a poster-size culture pizza. read more

Culture Shock

Find out what to do when children experience culture shock after moving to a new country. read more

Current Challenges in the African-American Community

Current Challenges in the African-American Community There are many open wounds in the African-American community that have not healed in the years since 1968. It is an open question how these challenges would have been dealt with in an America shaped by the coalition represented in 1968 by Martin Luther King and Robert F. Kennedy, rather than that of George Wallace and Richard M. Nixon. But it is, I think, a question well worth asking. read more

Desert Indians -- Hogans and Pueblos

Review Desert Indian vocabulary with this reading comprehension sheet on the hogan and pueblo homes. read more

Dining Customs of Different Cultures

Dining Customs of Different Cultures Is It Time to Eat? Many foreigners find the customs and terminology that accompany eating in America odd, disconcerting, or baffling. Why do some American executives like to conduct business at breakfast, whereas we often consider lunch as little more than an afterthought? We load our water glasses with ice. We drink denatured (decaffeinated) coffee. We eat strange things and at odd times. Consider the following: read more