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College Prep for Homeschoolers

Get your homeschooler ready for college with these helpful tips.

Acceptance into College

Advice from a homeschooling expert on homeschooled teens and admission to college. read more

College Scholarships for Homeschoolers

Do you have information on scholarships for students who are homeschooled? read more

Gaining Experience and Scholarships for College

Advice from a homeschooling expert on gaining college experience and learning about scholarships. read more

Getting into College: Advice for Homeschoolers

Getting into College: Advice for Homeschoolers The best way for homeschoolers to prepare for college is to research the educational options and opportunities available. For some students, this process begins when they are only 12 or 13 years old. For other students, discovering what they want to do is an ongoing process, and the path unfolds as it is traveled. Homeschooling gives teens the time to explore their interests and talents to determine where they want to focus their energy. read more

Higher Ed for Homeschoolers

Higher Ed for HomeschoolersFifteen-year-old Jimmy Maslanka has his heart set on attending Indiana University in a couple of years. Jimmy has suffered from migraine headaches since he was four. He opted out of public school last year, when the severity and frequency of his headaches made it impossible for him to continue. Now he's a homeschooler. read more

Homeschoolers and College

There is widespread acceptance of homeschooled students in colleges today. read more

Homeschooling Teens: Diplomas and College

Homeschooling Teens:Diplomas and College Isabel Shaw   read more

How Many Homeschoolers Get into Universities?

Learn why homeschoolers certainly are welcomed into colleges and universities. read more

Teen Needs to Catch Up in High School

At age 17, it may be easiest for a teen to go to the nearest community college or alternative high school that offers a GED program. read more