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Advanced Math

Use these learning activities to help build on your child's advanced math skills in courses like algebra and calculus.

A Growing Snowflake

By creating a paper snowflake children will learn how and why the perimeter is infinite. This is a fun math activity for winter. read more

Average Attendance

Baseball statistics offer a fun way to practice averaging numbers. read more

Baseball Fun

Children acquire practice for solving word problems using baseball statistics. read more


Use this sheet for examples of circles that are divided into fractional units. read more

Circular Geoboard

This printable sheet contains a ready-to-use circular geoboard. read more


Use this pattern to construct a cone. read more

Country Facts

A student handout explaining the Country Fact Sheet lesson plan. read more

Creating a One-Patch Quilt Design

Create a quilt using various polygons. read more


Use this pattern to construct a cube. read more


Use this pattern to construct a cylinder. read more

Designing a Quilt Pattern - Worksheet 1

Explore an activity that incorporates math skills to plan and design a quilt. read more


Children use exponents to rewrite expressions given. read more

Faces of Solids

Children draw the missing face in the pattern of each solid to practice identifying geometric solids. read more

Fair Games

Children are asked to evaluate the fairness of a collection of games. read more

Finding the Mean on State Statistics

Children use U.S. Census data to practice finding the mean. read more

Food Prices

Children use data from a chart to answer questions about grocery costs. read more

Formulas for Perimeter, Area, and Volume

Page of diagrams and formulas for finding the perimeter, area, and volume of geometric shapes. read more

Geometry Game

Keep the kids busy with this geometry puzzle, which asks them to see which shapes can be folded into square boxes. read more

Geometry Word Search

This printable will help your kids learn about geometry terms, while finding them in a word search. read more

Hexagonal Prism

Use this pattern to construct hexagonal prism. read more

Home Activities: Probability

Find the probability of the possible outcomes of hands in a game of cards students like. read more

Logic in the Enchanted Kingdom

Your kids will increase their understanding of the concept of logic with this Enchanted Kingdom printable. read more

Logical-Mathematical Gift-Boosting Activities

Logical-Mathematical Gift-Boosting Activities How many parents have said, "I'm just not good at math?" How many girls are still told math is out of their league? Math and logical thinking are the cornerstones of our technological society, not to mention the foundation for a lifelong fascination with how the world works. If your child shows a natural flair for math, encourage it! If he or she doesn't yet, it's time you helped spark the flame. read more

Logical-Mathematical Quick Tips

Logical-Mathematical Quick TipsChances are a child who enjoys playing math computer-games or conducting experiments in the backyard will also be interested in: Going to science museums. Using the nutritional information on food labels to help you create a low-fat, low-calorie family diet plan. Playing monopoly or chess. Helping you determine your budget for your next vacation. read more

Make a Table

Children use blocks to find different ways to make a triangle, then make a chart of their findings. read more

Mean, Median, and Mode on Bicycle Costs

Children are asked to find the mean, median, and mode from a data chart on the cost of bicycles. read more

Mean, Median, and Mode on Dogs

Children use the data in a chart on dog breeds to explore mean, median, and mode. read more

Median and Mode

Children determine median and mode from reading a stem and leaf plot and a number line. read more

Moving Around with Logic

This printable requires the use of some logic to solve a math puzzle about four friends. read more

Pascal's Triangles

Use a printable that contains ready-to-use Pascal's triangles. read more