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6th Grade

These resources and tips can help you keep your sixth grader on track throughout the school year, whether he's just heading back to school or the year is already in full swing. Discover what goes on in the sixth-grade classroom, and encourage your child's development at home with our educational activities and skill-builders.

"All About Me" Poster

"All About Me" PosterMaterials read more

A Typical Sixth Grader

A Typical Sixth GraderWhere They AreThe average eleven-year-old is heading towards adolescence. He: read more

Aerobic Dance

Aerobic DanceMaterials Music player and cassette, or CD, or radio Directions Aerobic dance is an enjoyable and energetic way to get fit. read more

American Indian Populations in the U.S.

Background information on Native American topics including reservations, tribes, languages, voting rights, treaties, and more. read more

Cast Your Treasure in Plastic Resin

Cast Your Treasure in Plastic Resin Handiwords A catalyst is a substance that causes or accelerates a chemical reaction without being permanently affected by the reaction. read more

Cat Web

Practice using the graphic organizer of webs to organize writing. read more

Common Questions about the Sixth Grade

Common Questions about the Sixth Grade Kids aren't the only ones wondering about the upcoming school year. Here are some questions that parents often ask. How much homework should my child expect? Should my child be using a computer? read more

Conducting an Election Poll

A handout of tips that will help your child run an effective poll. This is a fun activity to conduct during the presidential elections. read more

Dangerous Wave

Discuss the destructive power of several historic tsunamis. Also covered is how scientists measure and predict underwater earthquakes. Children are provided with review and critical thinking questions. read more

Do You Know What Your Sixth Grader Should Know?

Will he study economics, or world history and geography this year? Find out with this quiz. read more

Does Your Middle-Schooler Have Dyslexia?

Is your adolescent struggling in school? Find out if you should have her evaluated for a reading disability. read more

Does Your Middle-Schooler Have LD?

Is your adolescent struggling in school? Find out if you should have her evaluated for a learning disability. read more

Expert Advice About the Sixth Grade

Expert Advice About the Sixth GradeIf you're overwhelmed by the prospect of your child entering middle school, you're not alone. See what other sixth-grade parents are asking our teacher experts and ask some questions of your own. read more

Force and Motion

Through this activity children will learn how inertia, gravity, friction, and force affect speed and velocity (lesson plan and background information included). read more

Fossil Layers

This color diagram outlines the earth's fossil layers. read more

Great Debates

A handout which gives your child an overview of how to organize a debate. read more

Have You Done Your Homework?

Everyone has to do homework . . . but what do you really know about it? Take this quiz to find out. read more

Home Activities: Probability

Find the probability of the possible outcomes of hands in a game of cards students like. read more

Homemade Paper

Homemade PaperAge: Elementary and upTime: An afternoonType of activity: Arts and Crafts read more

Informal Debates

A handout for children which explains the structure of an informal debate. Use with the Great Debate lesson plan. read more

Language Arts in Sixth Grade

Language Arts in Sixth GradeWhat Kids Should Learn in Language Arts read more

Largest Indian Reservations and Tribes

Use a list that summarizes the populations of the largest Indian reservations and tribes in the U.S. read more

Letter Door Sign

Letter Door SignMaterials White and black paper Colored pen Metallic pen (optional) White chalk Directions You are going to make a sign to hang on your door using the first letter of your name or your entire name. Be as creative as you can designing your letter shapes. You may want to look at a calligraphy book for ideas. read more

Magic Squares - Critical Thinking

Children use critical thinking skills to make magic squares. read more

Making Music

Making MusicAn Imagination Station Activity Age: Three and upTime: An hour or moreType of Activity: Arts and crafts Guitar Materials needed: read more

Marvelous Mosaics

Marvelous Mosaics There are several mediums that create unique mosaic effects. You can use decorative pieces embedded in plaster, cement, or grout. Or you could use adhesives to glue colorful plastic pieces onto a glass object to make a stained-glass effect. Plaster Mosaics Plaster is inexpensive, easy to work with, and creates a clean, smooth background for mosaic pieces. Check out the hardware store for an economical bag of plaster to use in this project. read more

Mathematics in Sixth Grade

Mathematics in Sixth Grade read more

Middle School Math Quiz

Your middle-schooler will have to solve these kinds of math problems to pass the state tests. read more

Middle School: New Challenges, New Solutions

Middle School: New Challenges, New SolutionsWhen Chris started middle school, I attended an orientation for incoming parents where I was handed a flyer called, "Easing Your Child's Transition to Middle School." I hand it out now myself in my parenting classes for the parents of middle schoolers. It includes many of the themes in this book: Keep track of your student's homework, spend time together, know their friends. But the biggest message in that handout--and the biggest challenge--boils down to staying involved in your student's life and in the life of the school. read more

Organ Systems in the Human Body

Use this vocabulary list as an outline of the major components and functions of the human body's organ systems. read more