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3rd Grade Social Studies

Third-grade social studies focuses on your child's community and state.

Go Androgynous

Use this printable to promote an understanding that roles of males and females in today's society are interchangeable. read more

I Am Able Though Disabled

Help children understand what it means to be disabled. read more

I Can Speak the Magic Words in Many Languages

Invite children to learn new words from foreign languages. In this printable, children will learn polite phrases and words in 33 different languages. read more

It Could Happen to You

Develop an awareness of prejudices with this printable. Children will read several short stories and describe what is wrong with characters' behavior and actions. read more

Library Search

Students will get to know the layout of their library by completing this activity. read more

Reading Coordinates on a Map

Learn to read coordinates on a map. Where are the different items located? How would you give directions from one point to another? read more

Social Studies in Third Grade

Social Studies in Third GradeA large part of the social studies curriculum throughout the primary grades consists of learning about families, neighborhood cities and towns, and countries. read more

Talking to Your Third-Grader about Social Studies

Talking to Your Third-Grader about Social StudiesWatch the television news together on occasion. Let the events on the news become a basis for conversation. You might also watch documentaries about historical figures with your child; biography is a good basis for helping children learn about history. Look at photographs together. Family pictures showing you and your child at different ages are a good choice. Ask, "What can you remember about these earlier times? What is different now?" read more