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Each school district follows a set of academic standards. Learn more about how this affects your child's curriculum and standardized testing.

Grade Your Kid's Math Class

Grade Your Kid's Math Class"What to Look for in a Math Classroom" is reprinted with permission from the Annenberg/CPB Math and Science Project. A math class should teach practical experiences in mathematical skills that are a bridge to the real world of jobs and adult responsibilities. This means going beyond memorization into a world of reasoning and problem solving. read more

Math Standards

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Math: It's Elementary

Get a glimpse into the new state standardized tests. Take our elementary math quiz and find out what your little ones need to know. read more

Memorizing Math Facts

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Top Signs of Trouble for Grades K-8

Do you know what's expected of your child this year at school? Find out what skills and knowledge he'll need to succeed in his grade level at school, and look for red flags that may indicate he's not quite prepared academically or developmentally. For skill-building practice for any subject area and all grade levels, visit our Printables Center. read more