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Special Education Laws

Special education laws can be tough to navigate as a parent. Get some tips for understanding the laws and how they can help your child with special needs.

504 and IEP Interpretations

When a school district refuses to honor a student with a legitimate Section 504 plan in place, it's time to contact a lawyer. read more

7 Ways to Be an Everyday Advocate for Your Child with Autism

Standing up for your child with autism isn't easy, but every parent can learn the skills to become a powerful advocate and help improve the system for people with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). One mother of a child with autism, and a legal expert on ASD, has advice for taking control and turning an overwhelming situation into something empowering. read more

A Guide to Testing Accommodations

A Guide to Testing AccommodationsAccommodations are a favorite topic of mine for a simple reason: Instead of focusing on strategies to "fix" kids or to make kids perform better, we are focusing on how the environment can be changed to integrate kids who think differently. The test and the testing environment can be disabling and needs to change to accommodate your child's individual differences. I love saying that, and your kids will love to hear it. read more

ADHD and Section 504 Accommodations

Find out how to make sure your child gets the accommodations he needs under Section 504. read more

ADHD and Special Education

ADHD is not listed as a specific learning disability in the law, but there is a way to become eligible to receive services. read more

ADHD, Depression, and 504 Plans

Most teachers have had minimal or no course work about the needs of children with ADHD. read more

ADHD, IEP, and 504 Plans

A child who has an Individualized Education Plan for speech is covered under IDEA. read more

ADHD, LD, and an Educational Horror Story

Our expert advises a mother whose child has gone through seven different educational placements. read more

After-School Programs & Accommodations

After-School Programs & Accommodations Question: My 8-year-old son has been kicked out of an after-school program run by a non-profit agency in his elementary school building. He has ADD and some behavioral problems and is on an IEP during his school day. The director of the program said, "He has an innate oddness and intensity about him that frightens the other children." Don't they have to try to include him? read more

Bright, Multiple Disabilities, but No IEP

Find out what steps to take if your child's school is not being responsive to his needs. read more

Child's New School Denies Special Ed

What can you do when your child begins at a new school and is denied the special ed services he used to receive under a 504 plan? read more

Classes on 504 Plans

A mother asks how to find classes on 504 Plans in the Solano, Sacramento county areas of California. read more

Confused by IEP, IDEA, and 504

IDEA and Section 504 have a similar purpose -- to protect disabled persons from discrimination -- but they differ in many respects. read more

Developmental Disabilities & High School Graduation

Developmental Disabilities & High School Graduation Question: read more

Due Process Hearings

Due Process Hearings Please note: Every state's due process system for deciding special education disputes is different, though there are many common elements. This commentary addresses general themes in special education law and process. Before taking any steps, parents should find out what particular law and process applies where they live. read more

Education Rights Violated?

When your child's constitutional rights to an equal education are violated, there are steps you can take. read more

Eligibility for Special Education

There is no special education category in the law for ADHD. read more

Evaluation Timelines

Evaluation TimelinesQuestion: read more

Failing Fourth Grade

Parents who suspect a learning disability in their child have the right to a free evaluation done by your local school or school district. read more

Family History of Dyslexia

When a school does not honor your legal right to request an evaluation, there are steps you can take. read more

Gifted and Talented Seventh-Grader with ADHD Is Failing

A child who has been diagnosed with ADHD should be eligible for a 504 Plan if he is having difficulty in school. read more

Helping a Gifted Underachiever

If gifted education is mandated in your state, a child who qualifies as gifted cannot be removed from the program. read more

IEP Is in Place, but School District Is Nonresponsive

When a school is not honoring your child's IEP, it's time to start building a paper trail of your attempts to advocate for him. read more

IEP Services Not Being Provided

There are steps parents can take both to enforce the IEP and to obtain compensatory services to make up for the lost services. read more

IEPs and 504 Plans

A parent wonders whether a child can be on an IEP and a 504 Plan at the same time. read more

Information on 504 Plan

Here's how to find information on 504 plans. read more

Language Impairment and Expulsion

Recent amendments to IDEA address the suspension or expulsion of children with special educational needs. read more

LD and Evaluation Rights

When a school refuses to carry out an evaluation, it violates the rights of the parents and the child under the special education laws (IDEA). read more

LD Therapy Postponed

Find out what you can do when your child's school denies LD therapy due to lack of resources. read more