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Having basic measurement skills, such as measuring inches and centimeters, is essential for everyday life. Get your child started early with these early math learning activties.

Calendar Math

Calendar MathMaterials Large sheet of poster board or paper (at least three feet square) or old bed sheet Pen or marker BeanbagDirections read more

Circle with Ticks at Each 5 Degrees

Printable sheet of a circle with every five degrees marked by a tick. read more

Estimating and Measuring Letter to Parents

This letter should be sent home to parents to suggest activities for parents to do with their children to enhance estimation and measurement skills. read more

Estimating and Measuring Letter to Parents - Spanish Version

This letter (in Spanish) should be sent home to parents to suggest activities for parents to do with their children to enhance estimation and measurement skills. read more

Freezing Fluids Part I

Explore an activity that investigates the effects salt has on freezing temperatures. read more

Graphing Calculator Grids

This printable page contains ready-to-use graphing calculator grids. read more

Graphing Temperatures

Children use a newspaper to gather temperature data from around the United States and use the information to create a line graph. read more

How Far, How Long? Quiz

Take this quiz to see if your knowledge of your favorite sports measures up. read more

Make a Sundial

Make a SundialMaterials 12" x 12" piece of heavy cardboard Block of wood Thumbtacks Markers or paint Directions read more

Measurements Quiz

See how your knowledge measures up with this quiz all about measurements. read more

Measuring Your ZZZ's

Kids can practice their measuring and ruler skills with this printable, which asks them to solve a math riddle. read more

Picture Frame Perimeter

Children will find the perimeter of a picture frame by solving the word problems on this sheet. read more

Pizza Time Chart

Print out this pizza chart to learn about time management. Draw lines and label each slice according to how much of the day it represents. read more

Reading a Clock

Reading a ClockIn these days of digital everything, your child may not see many conventional clocks, but telling time the "old way" is still a skill she should learn.  Materials Colored construction paper Scissors Paper plate Paper fastener Crayon, pen, or markerDirections read more

Set Design for "Pilgrims of Plymouth"

Design a set for "Pilgrims of Plymouth," using dimensions in feet and inches. This arts & crafts activity is great for studying American history, Pilgrims, and Thanksgiving. read more

Table of Measures

This printable worksheet provides measures and conversions for the U.S. Customary System and the metric system. This is a perfect review sheet for students studying for a measurement math test. read more

The Big G

This form provides an easy way to learn conversions between ounces, cups, pints, and gallons. read more

Time for Baseball

Children work with a partner to complete this activity on the different time zones in the U.S. and the baseball games that are played in each one. read more

Where Do They Fit?

Children estimate where different-sized objects will fit in a bookcase. read more