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Legal Guidelines for Homeschooling

Make sure your child's homeschool curriculum follows the all the necessary legal guidelines.

Can My Child Be Homeschooled and Attend Public School?

As long as your daughter is enrolled in a public school, even part-time, she must continue to meet that school's specific requirements. The advantages of homeschooling will be nullified. read more

Determining the Legal Requirements for Your School System or Local Government

Determining the Legal Requirements for Your School System or Local GovernmentIf you live in a state that requires some type of oversight of your homeschool by the local school system, you will need to figure out exactly what that means for your homeschool. (If you live in a state that doesn't require you to interact with a local school system, consider yourself fortunate and skip the rest of this section.) There are several basic ways in which you might be required to be under the auspices of a local school system: read more

Grandparent Wants to Homeschool Rather Than Medicate Child

Homeschooling is legal in all 50 states, however, each state has different requirements. Learn how to find out more about your state. read more

High-School Diploma for Homeschooler

There are many correspondence and independent study programs that can help your daughter obtain an accredited diploma. read more

Homeschooling in Florida

The Florida Parent Educators Association has a very comprehensive listing of all the requirements for Florida homeschoolers. read more

Homeschooling in New Jersey

New Jersey has a large homeschool population, with many support and activity groups. A website lists the larger statewide organizations. read more

Mom Has No Diploma -- Can She Homeschool Me?

Many teens in your position have left school and successfully completed their education. Your mom does not need a degree to homeschool you. read more

Monitoring Legal Activity Regarding Homeschooling

Monitoring Legal Activity Regarding HomeschoolingIt is a fact of life that education legislation changes frequently, and this can impact homeschooling. At any point in time, there is usually various legislative and legal activity occurring in several states that impact homeschooling in those states with the possibility of impacting it in other states as well. read more

Mother Wants to Homeschool, but Father Is Reluctant

A teaching degree is not necessary to teach your children. A loving, safe environment with a variety of learning opportunities will provide your kids with everything they need to succeed. read more

Notifying the State About Your Homeschool and Documenting Legal Requirements

Notifying the State About Your Homeschool and Documenting Legal RequirementsAll states except those in the "Least Regulation" category require that you provide some sort of notification that you are homeschooling your children. Make sure that you understand the type of notification you are required to provide. Some states have specific forms you must complete, while others just require "notification." This notification is typically due well before the school year starts or soon thereafter. Your state's regulations will tell you where, how, and when this notification is required. read more

Parent Seeks a Sample IHIP (Individualized Home Instruction Plan)

Read the extensive Questions and Answers published by the New York State Education Department. Unfortunately, New York is not a "homeschool-friendly" state. read more

What Has Your State Government or Local School System Got to Do with Homeschool?

What Has Your State Government or Local School System Got to Do with Homeschool?Although the general requirements regarding education are laid out at the federal level, public education is mostly the responsibility of state and local governments. Because of this, federal education regulations won't have any impact on your homeschool. read more

Withdrawing a Child from School

Once you know the legal requirements, simply notify the school that your child will not be returning, and that you will be homeschooling him. This is your legal right as a parent. read more