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How to Get Involved

Find some ways to step up to the plate and get involved in your child's school.

10 Ways to Get Community Support for Your School

Community support is essential in helping your child's school thrive. Are you looking for ways to get your community more involved with the local school system? These 10 ideas can help. read more

A New School, Advocacy, and the WISC

When a child has tested as gifted but the timing isn't right to get gifted services at a new school, her parent should take action. read more

Assembly Programs

Learn how to find assembly programs that address social skills, for your child's elementary school. read more

Bullying and Your Child: Can the Law Protect Him?

Bullying and Your Child: Can the Law Protect Him? Name calling. Incessant taunting. Online harassment and humiliation. Getting hit, kicked, and knocked down. Have any of these ever happened to your child? If so, he has been the victim of bullying. Bullying is not only dangerous to a child's physical well-being, it can also potentially damage his mental and psychological health. The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), a division of the U.S. read more

Child Needs School Help

When it's clear your child is having problems with school, take your questions to the school counselor -- and expect answers. read more

Combination Class

What are the benefits of enrolling your child in a class that combines coursework from different grade levels? read more

Confirming a Learning Deficit

Don't blindly accept actions taken on your child's behalf without demanding the evidence. read more

Daydreaming at School

A smart but distracted child may just need a bit of time to play developmental catch-up. read more

Elementary School: The Foundation for Academic Success

Elementary School: The Foundation for Academic SuccessBefore your student ever went to school, you were his first teacher. If you value education, achievement, and learning, then your student will too. You are not only your student's first teacher; you are her best teacher, and your involvement in her formal education means the world to her. In order to convey that commitment to education, you have to be involved in the life of the school. I always quote former vice president Al Gore in my workshops. read more

Getting the Principal to Respond

Sending a letter to both the Principal and the Superintendent of your school may have the desired effect. read more

High Expectations

Make sure your child knows that you have high expectations for his behavior. read more

Parent Introduction Letter to the Teacher

Use this printable school form to introduce yourself and describe your child to a new teacher. read more

Parent Involvement in Schools

Our expert outlines steps a parent can take to get more involved with her child's school. read more

Parent-Staffed Safety Committees in Schools

Parent-staffed safety committees are an excellent way of assisting a school in deciding how to respond to a given threat, and when to notify other parents. read more

Preschooler Being Forced to Do Arts and Crafts

No child should be forced to do any particular activity at preschool. read more

PTA and Parental Involvement

One way to make sure your child's classroom is an engaging place is to join the PTA. read more

Recovering from a Bad Teacher

Ease your child back into education after a particularly bad experience with a teacher. read more

Request for Teacher Ignored

In most cases, parents cannot request a child's teacher. Learn other ways that you can ensure your child has a good school year. read more

Results Matter

It's great when teachers offer struggling students extra help, but make sure you see the results yourself. read more

Reward vs. Punishment

The carrot works better than the stick when it comes to getting kids to succeed academically. read more

School Is Allowing "Immoral" Theater

What can parents do when the school drama department chooses plays that contain sexual content and curse words? read more

Should My Son Be My Student in Preschool?

It's asking a lot of three-year-old to adjust to his mommy being his preschool teacher. read more

Students Are Targeting 14-Year-Old

In a serious situation like this, parents should insist on a meeting with all of their child's teachers, the school counselor, and others. read more

Teachers Aren't Helping, Despite IEP

When your child's teachers are an obstacle to the IEP, there are steps you can take. read more

The Struggles of Southpaws

Being left-handed in a right-handed world is a challenge. Here's some advice. read more

The Wrong Punishment

The teacher has a right to punish your child, within reason, but occasionally the punishment may be misguided or even harmful. read more

Top 10 Ways to Give Back to Your Child's School

Have you ever wanted to give back to your child's school, but aren't sure how? It's simple! Whether you can donate your time, skills, or money, these 10 ideas are easy ways to help out and show your appreciation. read more

Twelve-Year-Old Causing Trouble in School

When a former teacher's pet starts causing trouble in class, it's time to make an appointment with the child's school counselor. read more

Your Child's Education: How You Can Help

Teachers suggest ways you can support your child's education. read more