Find math activities and printables that focus on fractions for grades K-8. Your child can improve his understanding of fractions through adding mixed fractions, identifying fractions in geometric shapes, and other useful exercises.

A Budget

<?php tv_ifsite_echo('.*FE', 'Children','Students'); ?> will practice finding percentages in this activity. read more

Choose an Operation (Fractions)

In this printable worksheet, children must choose an operation to solve fraction problems. Improve your students' math skills with these exercises. read more

Coordinate Planes and Number Lines

This printable sheet includes ready-to-use coordinate planes and number lines. read more

Decimal Squares

This printable graphic organizer contains ready-to-use decimal squares. This is a helpful worksheet for math review. read more

Fraction Models

These printable pages contain fraction model examples. read more

Fractioned Kites

<?php tv_ifsite_echo('.*FE', 'Children','Students'); ?> identify fractions in geometric shapes. read more

Fractions in a Set

<?php tv_ifsite_echo('.*FE', 'Children','Students'); ?> identify fractions using pictures. read more

Using Money: Connecting Decimals and Money

Give children much-needed practice with subtracting money, with this helpful math printable. read more