ADD and ADHD Evaluations for Children: Advice for Parents - FamilyEducation

Evaluating ADHD

A professional evaluation is an important part of diagnosing and managing your child's ADD or ADHD. See how ADHD is evaluated and why the results matter.

ADHD and Evaluation Scores

A large gap between a child's verbal and performance scores begs for an interpretation. read more

ADHD: Teacher vs. Doctor Diagnosis

A teacher's diagnosis can be taken as a suggestion to look into attention-span problems, but only a doctor can say for sure. read more

CP and School Performance

Many teachers are not well-versed in how CP manifests itself in the classroom. read more

Does My Child Have ADHD?

Learn what to do if you suspect your child has ADHD. read more

Does My Second-Grader Have ADD?

Learn what has to be done to know for sure whether a child has ADD (or ADHD). read more

Does My Son Have ADHD?

A parent disagrees with her child's teachers, who think he has ADHD. read more


While a checklist can be helpful in the diagnosis of ADHD, it shouldn't be the only or primary assessment tool. read more

Is it LD or ADHD?

These two conditions often co-exist, and only a thorough evaluation can sort things out. read more

School Testing for ADD

Find information about testing for ADHD. read more

Should My Son Be Evaluated?

Do you need a doctor to tell you that your teen has ADD, when you are already convinced that he does? read more

Struggling with School over Retention

When a child is held back twice, the teachers think he has ADHD, and no assessment has been done, what can a parent do? read more

Who Should Diagnose ADHD?

Read an expert's advice on how to go about getting children tested for ADHD. read more