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4th Grade Language Arts

Writing skills are critical this year. Use these activities and printables to help build on your child's language arts skills.

ABC Categories

This game can be played to help children generate alphabetical lists on a topic. read more

Body Noise Wordsearch

This printable asks kids to see how many times each disgusting word appears in the word search. read more

Creepy Crawlies

Your kids can learn more about bugs by playing the matching games in this printable. read more

Daily Spelling Help

Learn what you can do to help a child who is struggling with spelling. read more

Designing a Reader-Friendly Newspaper

Print a worksheet that outlines ways to make a newspaper reader-friendly. read more

Dumpster Search

This printable challenges kids to find all the listed items in the trash and the rhyming word puzzle. read more

Fourth-Grade Writing Troubles

If your fourth-grader is having trouble putting more than four words together in a sentence, it's time to have a teacher conference. read more

Hand in Glove

Pick a word from each hand and match it to a glove, to form words that always seem to go together. read more

He Drives Me Up the Wall! Idiom

Children write about the meaning of this everyday idiom. read more

He Hates Reading!

What can you do if your child hates to read? read more

Imagine That!

Imagine a different first letter on each word in this word game, and you'll get a completely different thing! read more

Labor Day Fill-in-the-Blanks

Use this fill-in-the-blanks paragraph that is full of facts to teach about Labor Day. read more

Language Arts in Fourth Grade

Language Arts in Fourth GradeWhat Kids Should Already Know read more

Leftovers Riddle

In order to answer the riddle, kids must fill in the crossword puzzle on this printable. read more

Let's Get Packing

This printable challenges kids to write complete sentences while solving a puzzle. read more

Losing Lunch Mad Libs

Your kids can create a hilarious story by filling in the parts of speech on this printable. read more

Magic Squares

Print out these popular math puzzles and keep the kids busy with games that are similar to Sudoku. read more

Missing Consonant Puzzle

Children must supply the missing consonants in this puzzle of school-related words. read more

My Day at the Circus

Print out this sheet and have a friend fill in the blanks. Then read the resulting funny story to your friend. read more

Pointy Puzzle

In order to answer the riddle in this printable, kids must color in the shapes that have the letters P-O-I-N-T-Y. read more

Puzzles and Fun – Happy Landing

Complete this crossword puzzle by using critical thinking skills. read more

Quit horsing around! Idiom

Children write about the meaning of this everyday idiom. read more

Riddle Me This

To answer the riddle in this printable, kids must think of a word that best fits each description. read more

Savvy September Sentences

Your children are asked to complete sentences that have to do with September. read more

School Daze

Keep the kids busy with these word searches and word scramble printables. read more

See You Later

Look through this word search to find the word for "good-bye" in different languages of the world. read more

Silly Sentences

Finish the very silly sentences in this printable and you will reveal tongue twisters. read more

Spelling Trouble

Try this tip to boost your child's spelling grades. read more

Story Map Graphic Organizer

Using a story map helps children to identify key elements in a story such as characters or events. This printable is customizable. Tailor the PDF to your teaching needs by typing in the highlighted fields before printing. read more

Summer Reading Guide: Grades 3-5

Print this reading guide full of great books for children in grades 3-5 to read this summer. Find more reading guides for grades K-2 and grades 6-8. read more