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3rd Grade

Discover what's going on in your third grader's classroom, and use these academic skill-builders to encourage her educational development at home. Help your child deal effectively with social and peer pressures, and find out what you can do to promote her happiness and safety.

"Fill in the Blank" Verse for Kids

Kids can print out and use this fill-in-the-blank sheet to create a poem. read more

4 as a Factor: Doubling

Give children much-needed practice with using 4 as a factor, with this helpful math printable. read more

6 as a Factor: Using Known Facts

Give children much-needed practice with using 6 as a factor, with this helpful math printable. read more

7 and 8 as Factors

In this math printable, children must find the products of multiplication problems using 7 and 8 as factors. read more

A Typical Third Grader

A Typical Third GraderWhere They AreThe average eight-year-old is explosive, excitable, dramatic, and inquisitive. She: read more

ABC Categories

This game can be played to help children generate alphabetical lists on a topic. read more

Air, Air, Everywhere

Children create moving air, or wind, using plastic bottles. read more

Antonyms and Synonyms

Opposites and similar meanings are reviewed. read more

Big Numbers in Our School

Give your child practice multiplying and estimating large numbers with this math activity. Children will count classroom items and estimate how many of these items are in the entire school. read more

Bumper Sticker Math Puzzle

When your kids solve the math equations on this printable, they will reveal a secret bumper sticker message. read more

Changes in the Earth's Surface: Family Activity

With this family activity, children and parents review vocabulary words about the changes in the Earth's surface and complete a home project to show how wind causes erosion. read more

Counting Coins and Bills

Give children much-needed practice with counting coins and bills, with this helpful math printable. read more

Creepy Crawlies

Your kids can learn more about bugs by playing the matching games in this printable. read more

Curious George: An Acrostic Poem

Encourage creativity with this Curious George poetry activity. Children read an acrostic poem, then write their own using the letters in their first name. read more

Divisibility Rules

This math printable provides helpful hints to boost your child's understanding of divisibility rules. read more

Do You Know What Your Third Grader Should Know?

Will he study world history, or learn about his community this year? Find out with this quiz. read more

Does Your Grade-Schooler Have Dyslexia?

Is your child struggling in school? Find out if you should have him evaluated for a reading disability. read more

Does Your Grade-Schooler Have LD?

Is your child struggling in school? Find out if you should have him evaluated for a learning disability. read more

Dumpster Search

This printable challenges kids to find all the listed items in the trash and the rhyming word puzzle. read more

Electromagnetic Fields

The two sheets in this activity have a reference article, data chart, and questions to enhance the children's understanding of electromagnetic fields. read more

Everyday Math Warm-Up

Give children a much-needed review of everyday math concepts, with this helpful printable. read more

Expert Tips on Improving Your Child's Reading Comprehension

What can you do at home to help your child with reading comprehension? read more

Exploring Multiplication Stories

On this worksheet, children will explore multiplication stories. read more

Exploring Patterns on a Hundred Chart: 2s and 5s

Explore with children the patterns of multiplying by 2 and 5, with this helpful math printable. read more

Fertilizer Word Puzzle

This printable asks kids to fit the puzzle pieces into the correct spaces to see what the farmers are saying. read more

Finding the Prime

This printable will teach your kids about the Sieve of Eratosthenes, which is a method of finding prime numbers. read more

Floating Egg Density Experiment

This easy and interesting experiment will teach children about the concepts of solutions, saturation, and density. read more

Go Androgynous

Use this printable to promote an understanding that roles of males and females in today's society are interchangeable. read more

Graphing Objects

Children make a graph and then answer questions about it. read more