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2nd Grade Milestones and Obstacles

Learn about some of the academic and social benchmarks your child will face this year.

Do Your Know What Your Second-Grader Should Know?

Will she begin writing in cursive this year? Take this quiz and find out! read more

How They Grow in Second Grade

How They Grow in Second GradeWhere They AreAt age seven, children start to focus a bit more. They:Begin to reason and concentrate.Worry, are self-critical, and may express a lack of confidence.Demand more of their teacher's time.Dislike being singled out, even for praise.Where They're GoingAt seven years old, your child is continuing to learn about herself and others. You can help by encouraging her as she: read more

Ready to Move Up? Or Not?

Learn some ways to tell if your child is ready to move up. read more

Second-Grader Just Wants to Play

Take advantage of your child's desire to play by incorporating skill-building games in his daily routine. read more

Something's Missing!

Use this printable to help strengthen your child's fine-motor skills. read more

Teaching Letter Formations

This printable describes a helpful method for teaching correct letter formation. read more