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Time Management

Has your family's crazy schedule gotten out of control? Get tools and tips for managing your busy schedules and maintaining your sanity!

10 Simple Ways to Make Each Day Seem Longer

10 Simple Ways to Make Each Day Seem Longer Set the alarm -- It's oh so obvious, but even ten minutes gained at the start of the day avoids that always-in-a-rush feeling. Be tidy -- Don't waste time searching for things. This applies as much to your workplace as your underwear. Become tidier, but not fastidious. read more

10 Ways to Work Out Your Priorities

10 Ways to Work Out Your Priorities Age -- Although most will consider age to be a barrier, in reality you can do almost anything at any age. However, you might decide to do some things now and leave others until you are older. Work out what you want life to be like as you pass into each new decade. read more

12 New School Year Resolutions

Does every school year feel like a blurry whirlwind of stuffing backpacks, dragging kids out of bed, and racing out the door, only to return home later with the same frenzied rush through dinner, homework, and bedtime? This year, make these 12 resolutions for better, more- productive (and less-exhausting!) school days. Follow these tips and then print out this list to hang on your fridge and keep your family focused and less stressed. read more

12 Real Time-Savers for Busy Moms

There aren't enough hours in a day! It's a fact of motherhood. But here's another fact: No household ever fell apart from a mom consolidating some tasks and cutting a few corners. In fact, saving yourself some time and sanity will lead to a happier home life. Are you ready to make your household run like a well-oiled machine? Here are some ways to get started today. read more

12 School Year Resolutions: Printable List

These back-to-school resolutions can help streamline your family's busy life for the best school year yet. Hang this list on your fridge to keep you and your children focused and stress-free from September to June. read more

2016 Interactive Fun Facts Calendar

2016 Fun Facts Calendar Click on the monthly calendars below to find fun activities on holidays, events, and celebrations. There's something worth celebrating every day! Click here to view the printable version of the 2016 Calendar. read more

5 Essential Tools and Tips for Disorganized Boys

5 Essential Tools and Tips for Disorganized Boys We recently spoke with Ana Homayoun, the author of the book That Crumpled Paper Was Due Last Week: Helping Disorganized and Distracted Boys Succeed in School and Life. She holds a master's degree in counseling psychology and is the founder of Green Ivy Educational Consulting. Boys are falling behind. Only two-thirds of boys in the U.S. earn a high school diploma – a 7 percent lower graduation rate than girls, according to a June 2010 Education Week report. read more

Avoiding an Overbooked School Year

Avoiding an Overbooked School YearThe Familiar Fall Scene "Mom, I have soccer practice twice a week this year," announces 11-year-old Allison. And I think I'm going to make jazz band. Oh, and I want to keep up my sax lessons and take piano." As she chatters away, your heart sinks and your blood pressure rises. Another overscheduled school year's about to begin. read more

Best School Year Yet! 9 Organizational Tips and Tools for School Year Survival

Between waking the kids up, fighting over outfits, making lunches, finding shoes, getting everyone to school and then to their after-school activities, supervising homework, and making dinner, a regular school day can leave parents feeling overwhelmed and frazzled. Start the school year on an organized note, and hit the ground running with these time- and space-saving tips and tools for your whole family. You'll start each day organized and ready to take on whatever comes your busy way. read more

Over-Scheduled Kids

Over-Scheduled KidsI wish that it was make-believe, like The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. But the phenomenon of parents over-scheduling their kids' lives and stealing their childhood is all too real. Many parents fill up their kids' lives with one "enrichment activity" after another, starting in the early preschool years, all in an effort to help them "get a leg up" so that they will eventually gain admittance to a top-ranked college. read more

Pizza Time Chart

Print out this pizza chart to learn about time management. Draw lines and label each slice according to how much of the day it represents. read more

Project Proposal

Ask your children to use this printable proposal so that they are clear and focused when completing projects. This printable is customizable. Tailor the PDF to your needs by typing in the highlighted fields before printing. read more

The Busy Parent's Guide to Raising Successful Students

The Busy Parent's Guide to Raising Successful Students Research suggests that parental involvement in school is vital to a child's academic success. However, if you're a single parent, a working parent, or a parent with little spare time, you may find it difficult to find ways to get involved. The following list of recommendations comes from the Harvard Family Research Project, an organization committed to advancing education. At school read more

Time-Management Tips for Teen

When teens have a lot going on, it's important that they schedule their time wisely. read more