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Communicating With Your Ex

Keeping the lines of communication open can help ease the tension between you and your ex-spouse, and the kids will benefit, too.

Different Discipline Styles

A mother deplores her ex-husband's discipline style, which includes a heavy dose of threats and punishment. read more

Different Parenting Styles

When divorced parents cease talking together about their kids, they need to put more work into their divorce, for the sake of the kids. read more

Divorced Parents and Family Outings

It's always good for kids to see their divorced parents getting along. read more

Don't Compete with the Ex!

Don't Compete with the Ex! You can't fix what was wrong with your partner's previous relationship, and you can't make yourself into a better match. All you can do is be yourself and work to make your relationship the best that you can. It can be quite a temptation to learn all you can about the ex (what he was like in bed, what her body looked like), but steer clear! It's not going to improve your relationship; it will only make you crazy. read more

How to Be Friendly with Your Ex

How to Be Friendly with Your Ex The divorce has been finalized and you're on your own. Your marriage, and all the pain it represents, is part of your past. Yet part of moving forward, for many, is learning to deal in a friendly, amicable way with their ex. read more

How to Deal with the "Evil" Ex

How to Deal with the "Evil" Ex The ideal working relationship is not always easily achieved. You may find yourselves frequently fighting about the ex(es). It may be that you and your partner have moved further along emotionally than the ex (and on some issues the ex may have something to teach you). read more

Money Concerns and the Ex

Money Concerns and the Ex When it comes to money, watch those emotions fly like hard-hit tennis balls between you and your partner, between your partner and your partner's ex, and between you and your partner's ex. (If you're a combined family, you may also face problems between you and your Ex too!) All the experts suggest trying to separate financial and emotional problems between the exes so that they can be dealt with individually. read more

Testing for LD

What should you do when your ex doesn't support your wish to test your child for LD? And where can you go for testing? read more