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Talking About Difficult Subjects

Whether you're squirming at thought of teaching the birds and the bees, or you're at a loss trying explain war, we have the resources to help talk to your kids about difficult topics.

Advice for Dad About Pubescent Daughter

A single dad gets some advice about girls and puberty. read more

After "The Talk"

You've finally told your child where babies come from. Now what do you make of his reaction? read more

Age-Appropriate Sex Ed

A mother wants to know how to explain sex to her five-year-old in a way that's appropriate to her age. read more

Anti-Drug Education for Young Children

Avoiding drugs is a lesson all children should learn. Those in younger grades need only the basics. read more

Birth Questions from Five-Year-Old

A bright five-year-old can be expected to ask about where babies come from. read more

Breaking Divorce News to a Three-Year-Old

An expert gives some advice on how to help a three-year-old understand divorce. read more

Discussing Puberty

Get some advice on how to explain the changes of puberty and menstruation to an 11-year-old girl. read more

Dog Must Be Put Down

What should you tell your five-year-old when the family dog has to be put down? read more

Dying Grandmother

What can you say to children ages three and five about their grandmother dying? read more

Explaining History and Injustice

There is no reason to conceal factual history from a willing learner. read more

Explaining Sex to 8 Year Old

An expert praises a mother for discussing sex with her 8-year-old son when the time was right. read more

Explaining Tragedy to a Preschooler

A preschooler is too young to comprehend school killings or to be exposed to media images or discussions of this tragedy. read more

Is Your Preschooler Playing Doctor?

Is Your Preschooler Playing Doctor? Childproofing Whether or not you sanction playing doctor, make it clear to your child that young children and adults (or older children) should not touch each other's genitals. read more

September 11 Remembrance Ribbon

Post this September 11 Remembrance Ribbon in your classroom to honor those who lost their lives, and those who helped to save many. read more

Sexuality in Young Children

Sooner or later you will have to deal with your child's realization that some parts of her body are pleasurable. read more

Single Mom Wants to Explain Birds and Bees to Son

Most boys in this country receive their information about sex and sexuality from their mothers, rather than their fathers. read more

Talking About Terrorism and War with School-Aged Kids

Talking About Terrorism and War with School-Aged KidsThese days it is difficult to shield school-aged children from anything in the news. What they don't see at home, they hear discussed on the playground, or even in current events discussions in school. Because American children today are exposed to so much media violence, it's important to help them understand that wars are real. Let them know that war is terrifying, complicated and confusing. read more

Talking About War with Preteens and Teenagers

Talking About War with Preteens and TeenagersIn addition to discussing the terrorism talking points appropriate for school-age children, talk with your older kids about patterns in history. Preteens and teens can understand the similarities and differences in political situations around the world. read more

Talking with Children About War and Violence in the World

Talking with Children About War and Violence in the Worldby Sheldon Berman, Sam Diener, Larry Dieringer, and Linda Lantieri read more

Teach Your Preschooler Where Babies Come From

Teach Your Preschooler Where Babies Come From Another common starting place for parent-child discussions of sex is the question of where babies come from. Especially if you're having a baby of your own, your preschooler will be curious about how, for example, the baby will get out of mama's belly. You can initiate these questions by pointing out women who are pregnant to your child. read more

Teaching Young Children About Limits

There's a difference between normal exploration in young people and repeatedly engaging in prohibited behaviors. read more

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

An illustration and explanation of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. This printable will be useful for classroom discussion around Memorial Day, Veterans Day, or when studying current and recent events, like the Iraq War. read more

Where Do Babies Come From?

Telling your curious child where babies come from requires tact and discretion, not to mention honesty. read more