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Sports Safety

Use our smart tips to safeguard your all-star from sports injuries.

Achilles Tendon Injuries

Find out some possible causes of pain in the Achilles tendon after sports. read more

Boy Afraid He'll Get Hurt in Sports

What can parents do when their nine-year-old says he is won't play sports because he's afraid he'll get hurt? read more

Common Baseball Injuries

Common Baseball Injuries It's as American as apple pie and mom. It's the quintessential all-time American game, loved by everyone from eight-year-old Little League players to the parents playing on company teams. Baseball: nostalgic, beautifully orchestrated, and possibly hazardous to your health. read more

Common Basketball Injuries

Common Basketball Injuries Basketball is taking the country by storm. It's becoming the number one game in America according to experts (those who love basketball!) In fact, tickets are so hot for professional and collegiate basketball games, that fans will pay more than $1,000 for one ticket! read more

Common Football Injuries

Common Football Injuries Ah, autumn. The brilliant leaves, the cool, crisp air, the cheering, screaming sounds coming from the stadium. Yes, it's football season, and already everyone's counting the days until the Super Bowl. Football is an American tradition, but all that sweat and glory can leave a host of injuries in its wake. read more

Common Hockey Injuries

Common Hockey Injuries Think of your favorite football player in ice skates, and you get the image of what hockey is all about. But it goes three steps better when it comes to injury: read more

Common Soccer Injuries

Common Soccer Injuries Once upon a time, soccer was the game only in Europe and South America, a tradition as strong as baseball in America. But it's only recently that soccer as a professional team sport has gained respect here as well. But as a team sport for children, soccer has been just as popular here as abroad for years. Pass any suburban school yard, today or 20 years ago, and there are children, kicking a ball and trying to score a goal first. read more

Fractured Collarbone

Find out how soon after fracturing a collarbone a child can resume normal activities. read more

Heading for Trouble: Is Heading a Soccer Ball Dangerous?

Heading for Trouble: Is Heading a Soccer Ball Dangerous?Soccer players often use the technique "heading" — using their head to stop or redirect the ball — during a soccer game, but researchers are issuing a new warning against this common playing maneuver. A soccer ball is usually traveling at a high rate of speed when it comes in contact with a player's head. Without the proper technique and control, this can put him at a greater risk for cognitive impairment. read more

Kids and Extreme Sports

Kids and Extreme Sports Are Team Sports Becoming Passé?Though traditional sports like football, basketball, and hockey aren't exactly going out of style, the world of so-called extreme sports keeps growing in popularity. Kids and adults alike are participating in increasing numbers in these risky -- if not sometimes downright dangerous -- sports. But why? It's Groovy, Baby! read more

Kids and Weight Lifting

Weight training should be avoided until the teen years are over, but an 11-year-old can begin strength training. read more

Preventing and Treating Injuries

Preventing and Treating InjuriesInjuries can be prevented. Overuse injuries that are addressed and treated early are less likely to turn into chronic injuries. Accidental injuries or severe, focal injuries can also lead to chronic, recurrent pain patterns. All injuries cause pain and limited motion and function in the injured area. If an injury lasts longer than one week, it can lead to other weaknesses and injuries, turning into a more complex problem. read more

Preventing Sports Injuries

Preventing Sports Injuries When it comes to sports games for children, sports organizers, officials, coaches, and parents all have responsibilities for keeping young athletes healthy. read more

Soccer Safety

Soccer SafetyThe soccer craze is sweeping the nation, but a new study shows that heading the ball could cause memory loss. See what the experts are saying.Is it dangerous for kids to "head" the ball while playing soccer? Get an expert opinion!Hooray for soccer! Find out why it's popular and also a great game for kids. read more

Teen Sports: Safety First

Teen Sports: Safety First Info Flash The Academy of Sports Dentistry recommends mouth guards for anyone playing a contact sport. They're mandatory for high school athletes in football, ice hockey, field hockey, and lacrosse. There are three basic types of mouth guards; your teen's coach or dentist can recommend the best kind for your teen. read more

The Truth Behind Ergogenic Aids

The Truth Behind Ergogenic Aids People make outrageous claims regarding substances that can help enhance performance. The word ergogenic literally means “work producing,” and, unfortunately, there are always cockamamie advertisements selling nutritional pills and potions claiming to beef up performance. To date, there are only a few scientifically sound ergogenic aids, including a proper diet, carbo-loading, a well-trained body, a determined soul, and the right equipment. read more

Young Athletes at Risk for Concussions

If your child plays an organized sport, you know the importance of wearing a helmet. But, new reports show your child's risk of getting a concussion are higher than ever before. Do you know what signs and symptoms to look for if your child suffers a head injury? read more