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Positive Reinforcement

YES! Kids love to hear when they're doing great and behaving well. But too much positive reinforcement can backfire. Learn how to strike a balance between praise and punishment.

Careless Child

Set up a simple system of rewards to help your child keep track of things. read more

Expect the Best from Your Child

Expect the Best from Your Child Assume a “Good” Child Assuming your child is a “good” kid is part of setting your child up for disciplinary success, and is a big element of positive discipline. Nobody wants to be “bad,” and every human being wants approval. read more

Have a Positive Influence on Your Toddler's Behavior

Have a Positive Influence on Your Toddler's Behavior Bribes and rewards, punishments and threats don't work at this age. So if you want your toddler to behave in a certain way, you'll have to resort to trickery (though some might call it "guidance"). Remember, your willful one-year-old will "be good" only if he wants to do what you want to do. So all you have to do is figure out a trick that will make good behavior something your toddler wants to do. read more

Positive Feedback in Sports

How can you keep your child grounded when he gets overly excited about his athletic performance, but still provide positive feedback? read more

Pushing Your Buttons

Learn about positive discipline to deal with a child who insists on pushing your buttons at home. read more

Respect Your Children and Yourself

Respect Your Children and Yourself It's a Good Idea! The fact that children are little, seemingly-irrational, and inexperienced shouldn't be held against them. Children should be held against you—gently. read more

Reward Positive Behavior

Reward Positive Behavior Rewarding your child when he has done a good job, made progress on a tough problem, or achieved something he's worked for is a great way to accentuate positive behavior (and prevent problem behavior, too). A rewarded child learns, “When I do well, I'm appreciated and rewarded.” read more

Rule of the Day

Rule of the DayPeaceful homes are usually those in which children obey the rules of the home and respect their parents and each other. But most children don't do this naturally. Teaching a child obedience and respect is an ongoing process-and one she's more receptive to when her family knows how to laugh and have fun together. Telling jokes and doing fun family activities are good ways to share a few laughs and enjoy each other. So is having a "rule of the day." Directions read more

Solve Temper Problems

Focus on positive behavior to help your child with temper problems. read more

Use Positive Reinforcement

Use Positive Reinforcement Using positive reinforcement to encourage and reward proper behavior is the fifth element of the Twelve Disciplinary Elements. Here are a couple of universal statements: Everybody wants approval for who he is and for what he does. And, everybody wants to please, especially children, and especially your child who wants to please you. Can that really be? Then why do children misbehave? read more