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Personality Development

Your child is developing a personality that's all his own every day! Learn what shapes kids' personalities, which traits are inherent, and which ones are learned.

A Shy Child

Learn how to help a child become more outgoing. read more

Age-by-Age Guide to Helping Your Shy Child Thrive

Not every person is cut out to be a social butterfly. Research shows that nearly half of all teens and adults identify themselves as shy. Some people are born with a timid temperament, and others seem to develop a shy personality along the way. What can you do as a parent to give your shy child a social boost? Whether your child is a mildly timid toddler or a highly introverted teen, find tips for helping him succeed and feel comfortable in school and social situations at any age. read more

Encouraging Your Shy Child

Help your shy child get involved in social activities and open lines of communication with the teacher. read more

Gender Identity

How much stock should you put in a young girl's assertion that she wants to be a boy? read more

Help for a Crybaby

It is okay for a boy to cry. Twelve-year-olds are still very much children and because they are entering puberty, they will often cry easily. read more

Preschooler Gifted but Shy

Confidence-building experiences in school and at home with family and friends help children become more outgoing. read more

Set "Personality-Appropriate" Expectations for Your Child

Set "Personality-Appropriate" Expectations for Your ChildWhen you're trying to set reasonable personal expectations for your child, it's also helpful to think about their temperamental style. Temperament is the way a person approaches the world. Temperament is inborn. It's considered the “how” of behavior rather than the “why” or the “what.” The “temperament trackers” use 10 characteristics to analyze a person's emotional style, and to assess how well they adapt to situations. The 10 characteristics are: read more

Set Reasonable Expectations and Goals for Your Child

Set Reasonable Expectations and Goals for Your Child No matter your general mood, having positive, realistic expectations for your child's achievements and behavior is something to strive for. When parents' expectations for their kids are set at the right level-not too high and not too low-kids do very well in life indeed. Here then, are some specific tools for setting reasonable expectations that even the gloomiest donkey can follow. read more

Shy 3-Year-Old

You don't need to send a child to preschool to prepare her for kindergarten. read more

Shy at School

When a child is outgoing and sociable at home, but withdrawn at school, it may just be a matter of time until he comes out of his shell. read more

Shy Guy

Here's what to do when your child fears getting up in front of groups. read more

Shy Preschooler

Help your child overcome her shyness at a young age. read more

Shyness and Self-Esteem

All kids repeatedly experience these kinds of feelings, as they learn to exist outside of their parents' presence. read more

Six-Year-Old Is Cross-Dressing

Is it cause for concern when a six-year-old boy enjoys "cross-dressing"? read more

The Tomboy or Tough Girl

The Tomboy or Tough Girl Fact In medieval physiology, the four main fluids of the body—blood, phlegm, choler, and bile—were thought to determine character and disposition. Therefore, people were classified accordingly into choleric (bad-tempered), melancholic (depressed), sanguine (cheerful), and phlegmatic (sluggish) types of human beings. read more

Too Much Stimulation, or Too Little?

Too Much Stimulation, or Too Little? At wedding receptions, you're likely to find two kinds of children tucked away under the banquet table. The first is usually accompanied by a bright-eyed, giggling cousin as the pair revels in the illicit thrill of stolen champagne or other contraband. For the second, the cool folds of the tablecloth offer a temporary sanctuary from the noise, bustle, and business of the whole occasion. read more