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Behavior Modification

Could your child use a behavior makeover? Find effective techniques for discouraging naughty or nasty behavior and rewarding good behavior.

Behavior Management Techniques and ADHD

Learn some behavior modification techniques and ways to give positive reinforcement to a child with ADHD. read more

Behavior Modification Instead of Medication?

Will a child with ADHD eventually outgrow or learn to handle himself through behavior modification, rather than medication? read more

Counseling for Child with ADD?

A mother wants to know whether behavioral modification strategies can work without seeing a professional. read more

Essential Rules of Parenting: Discipline Do's and Dont's

I don't know about you, but I don't like the word "discipline." It implies telling off, punishment, even (heaven forbid) beating. Children should be seen and not heard-all that stuff. Actually though, after you get over the word itself, it's a handy essential skill for parents. If you get the discipline thing right, it is so much easier being a parent-and being a child. (Excerpted from "The Rules of Parenting" by Richard Templar) read more

First Grader Talking in Class

A mother seeks information about behavior modification techniques to help her talkative son. read more

Head Rocking

Head rocking is a relatively common activity between three and four years of age. Find out what to do if it persists. read more

Morning Blues

Tips on what to do when your child consistently wakes up unhappy in the morning. read more

Son Confesses Mistakes

When a child confesses to misbehavior, he should know that your disapproval does not threaten your love for him. read more

Steps for Changing Behavior

Use this worksheet to get started on the path toward improving your child's behavior. read more

What Are Your Button Pushers?

Use this worksheet to learn what misbehaviors make you angry, and find out how to deal with each button pusher. read more