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Anger and Aggression

All kids experience some level of anger and aggression at times. But if it's getting out of hand in your child, it's time to find a peaceful solution.

A Child's Bouts of Anger

Expert advice for a teacher dealing with a student prone to angry outbursts. read more

ADD and Bad Temper

Many complex factors cause behavior and learning problems. It takes considerable professional skills and patience to discover and treat them successfully. read more

Anger: The Acceptable Male Emotion

Anger: The Acceptable Male Emotion Stand on any school playground and watch what happens around you. You'll see groups of children playing, some children wandering by themselves, and occasionally, children arguing and fighting. And depending on whether those children are girls or boys, you will notice differences in how they express their anger. The boys may argue, have fistfights, or throw things at each other. The girls usually sulk, pout, or spread gossip. read more

Boy Hits His Sister

A mother wonders what she can do to change her son's angry temperament. read more

Daughter Mistreats Pets

Mother is bewildered by her young daughter's mistreatment of pets. read more

Dealing with Aggressive and Nasty Behavior in Your Child

Dealing with Aggressive and Nasty Behavior in Your Child Up to 30% of kids occasionally or regularly engage in aggressive behavior. Fewer do it on a regular basis. Is your baby a bully? According to Dan Olweus, a Swedish psychologist and an expert on bullying, bullying involves repeated, aggressive behavior with a negative intent from one child to another, where there is a power difference. read more

Disciplining Your Toddler: Put the Brakes on Aggression

Disciplining Your Toddler: Put the Brakes on Aggression Your toddler's violence always demands an immediate response. Don't ever ignore acts of aggression by your toddler (or by other toddlers who might be visiting for a playdate). Violence cannot be condoned. If you ignore it, your child will think it's okay. read more

Eighth-Grader Has Anger Problem

Classmates can be cruel, but anger over teasing needs to be addressed. read more

Extreme Violence in Six-Year-Old

Our expert is alarmed by the description of a six-year-old's rage and violence. read more

Five-Year-Old Threatens Suicide

Our expert recommends a professional therapist for an angry five-year-old who is threatening suicide. read more

How to Use Your Anger in a Positive Way

How to Use Your Anger in a Positive Way It's a Good Idea! The trick is to use your anger to effectively teach your child discipline while improving your relationship with your child. How? By being clear, direct, and genuine.Anger is a strong emotion, closely related to passion, and it can be a productive emotion. When you're furious, and you express your anger cleanly and fairly, you teach your child that angry feelings can be expressed in a way that doesn't harm anybody. read more

I Get Angry

I Get AngryTime 10 to 20 minutes Materials None Directions Talk about hypothetical situations, determining which of them make each of you angry. Examples could include someone borrowing a favorite toy without asking, going to get ice cream in the refrigerator and finding it is all gone, raising a hand in class and not getting called on. Extensions read more

Nanny Leaves Kids in Lurch

A mother describes the aberrant/regressive behavior her kids are displaying in the wake of their nanny leaving. read more

Playing with Toy Guns

The nature/nurture question about what makes boys, even little boys, more aggressive and violent than girls is a never-ending debate. read more

Preventing Violence

Unless they're taught differently from an early age, children might resort to using their fists to solve problems. read more

Seven-Year-Old Is Angry and Violent

When anger and violence reach uncomfortable levels, it's time to seek some professional care. read more

Siblings and Aggression

Parents need to keep an eye on their older kids when they are near their younger siblings. Kids are not usually aware of how much harm their hitting, pulling, shaking, etc. can cause. read more

Smart but Disruptive

In the U.S., it has become frighteningly common to suggest that any child who is a "behavior problem" for teachers should go on Ritalin. read more

Solve Temper Problems

Focus on positive behavior to help your child with temper problems. read more

Standing Up to Bullies

A parents wants to know how to teach her 11-year-old son to deal with his anger and respond appropriately to kids who pick on him. read more

Sudden Anger

Act quickly when a formerly quiet child suddenly becomes prone to bouts of aggression. read more

Teacher Concerned About Violent Fourth-Grader

When an aggressive, disruptive student concerns a teacher, it's advisable for the teacher to express those concerns in a letter to the principal and/or superintendent. read more

Teaching a Preschooler Self-Control

A mother asks how she can help her preschooler deal with his anger in the wake of being abandoned by his father. read more

Treating Aggression

What to do when your child starts showing signs of aggression and violent behavior at school. read more

Twelve-Year-Old Has Fits of Anger

The mother of a sixth-grader describes her son's out-of-control behavior and asks what steps to take next. read more

Twelve-Year-Old Throws Tantrum

When a child throws a violent tantrum, it's time to have a heart-to-heart. read more

Use Your Words

Talking about one's feelings can help solve anger and frustration. read more

Violent 10-Year-Old Boy

Violent behavior signals the need for counseling as soon as possible. read more