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Yarn Dolls

In this easy craft activity, children will have fun making simple yarn dolls.


  • Yarn or string
  • 8-inch x 4-inch piece of cardboard
  • Scissors
  1. Wind the yarn around the card about thirty times or until the yarn is about as fat as two fingers.
  2. Remove it from the card and tie a doubled wool strand around it and knot at the following locations:
  • ½inch down from top
  • 1 inch down from that for the bottom of the head
  • Take one bunch on each side and tie about 1 inch down for the arms
  • 2½ inches down from head for waist
  • Divide the remaining yarn and tie for legs
  • Trim hair, hands, and feet
  • Make this doll some clothes out of fabric scraps and make a bed or room out of painted food boxes or give them as special gifts to friends.