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Threading Spools

by Trish Kuffner, author of The Toddler's Busy Book

On a rainy day, teach your toddler how to thread spools, and she'll practice for hours.


  • Shoelace or thin plastic tubing
  • Items for threading: empty thread spools, large beads, hair curlers, tubular pasta, paper towel tubes cut into 1-inch rings


  1. Collect a variety of round objects such as empty spools, large beads, plastic hair curlers, large tubular pasta, or paper towel tubes cut into 1-inch rings.
  2. Show your child how to thread these items onto a shoelace or length of thin plastic tubing.
  3. Tie one of the objects being threaded to the end of the lace or tubing to prevent the rest from slipping off.

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