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Holiday Stress

Heightened emotions and unrealistic expectations can threaten your family's harmony during the holidays. But, with a little planning and understanding, you can keep the atmosphere merry this season.

10 Tips for Last-Minute Holiday Shoppers

Every year, you promise yourself you won't wait until the last minute to do your holiday shopping, but once again, it's the week before Christmas and you've gotten nary a gift. Don't panic! Before you go into a desperate shopping frenzy, check out these 10 tips for last-minute shoppers. You'll find everything you need with time to spare, and nobody on your list will know you procrastinated (again). read more

10 Tips to Avoid Turkey Day Disasters

Heard all your friends' Thanksgiving horror stories? Find out about some of the most common calamities and learn how to avoid them. read more

Dealing with Holiday Conflicts (and Satisfying Your In-Laws)

Parents often don't realize the problems their married children experience as they try to balance loyalties to their own parents as well as to their in-laws and spouse during the holidays. If the older generation didn't experience the same stress, they may not be able to understand how difficult this problem can be to their children, especially to young couples just setting their own boundaries in the relationship. So, what can you do to deal with the conflicts in-laws can cause during the holidays? Here are some suggestions. read more

Grandma Lets Kids Misbehave

When I'm at my mother's for the holidays, she allows our kids to get away with everything. How can we get her to respect our rules? read more

Holiday Driving Stress

Read some tips on how to avoid stress in the car over the holidays. read more

Holiday Logistics for Stepfamilies

Holiday Logistics for Stepfamilies So who's gonna spend the holiday where? Sometimes holiday plans are predetermined by custody agreements, but sometimes there's flexibility built in. If you've got some options, discuss them with the kids and try to be flexible about their desires. Rigidity won't help. read more

Holiday Personality Quiz

What does your holiday behavior say about you? Take this quiz to find out! read more

Holiday Stress-Busters: Advice for Parents

Holiday Stress-Busters: Advice for Parents The holidays are right around the corner — are you having fun yet? If you are, Ann Vernon would be surprised. As a counseling professor at the University of Northern Iowa with her own private practice, Vernon hears from a lot of exhausted parents this time of year. She says, "Most are striving for the Currier and Ives Christmas of their childhood, but in reality they're dreading the holidays." How can you beat back the dread and have the family holiday of your dreams? read more

Holiday Tips for Single Parents

Holiday Tips for Single ParentsHolidays can create anxieties and conflicts for single and divorced parents. The following suggestions may help you better manage and enjoy your holiday season.Choose to spend time and to celebrate the holidays with people who lift your spirits. Spending time with people you don't enjoy, out of a sense of obligation, will only bring discomfort to you and your children. read more

Holidays Without Debt

Holidays Without DebtAvoid overspending in the middle of this Season of Greed? That seems as likely as not overeating at a mile-long dessert buffet! Stay true to the real spirit of the holidays by sticking with our easy-to-follow tips for a debt-free -- and carefree -- season. So read up, slow down, and save big. It's a great way to end the year -- and start a new one. read more

Home for the Holidays

Home for the HolidaysThey're Baaaack!They invade from every corner of the country, arriving in trains, planes, andautomobiles. They're sleep-deprived and burned out, bearinglaundry bags instead of gifts. Yes, the holidays are here, and ourcollege students are back home! read more

Keep the Peace: Planning the Stepfamily's Holidays

Keep the Peace: Planning the Stepfamily's Holidays Deck the halls, spin the dreidel, roast the turkey, light the candles; it's holiday time! You've been through the wedding and you thought the worst was over! Now it's Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Thanksgiving, Passover, Easter (otherwise known as “the trial-by-fire holidays”), and you know the truth: It's not over, and it will never be over. Holidays are one of the most difficult transitions for stepfamilies to deal with. read more

Menorahs, Mistletoe, and the Meaning of Holidays

Menorahs, Mistletoe, and the Meaning of HolidaysKids Can Get Confused The little boy was only four or five, out for a drive with his father. "What's that?" he asked, as they passed a synagogue. "That's a temple, where Jewish people go to pray," the father explained. "People who are Christian go to church." The boy thought for a minute, then said, "And people who are both don't go anywhere at all." read more

Thanksgiving Dinner Dilemma

Spending some time with family during the holiday period is the goal, not seeing who "gets you" for the main event. read more

Tips for De-Stressing the Holidays

Tips for De-Stressing the HolidaysKeep cherished childhood traditions and consider establishing new ones for your family. Involve everyone, including your children, when creating new traditions. Sometimes traditions lose their importance for a family. Recognize when it's time to let them go. Plan, organize, and prioritize to avoid burnout, disappointment and fatigue. Create a holiday-planning task schedule. Ask others to share the responsibilities and assign tasks to family members. read more

When Relatives Visit

When Relatives VisitKeep the Holidays HarmoniousHolidays, as much as they're supposed to be full of warmth and laughter with friends and family, have the potential for disaster. Because we expect so much, and are often overtired and overstressed, emotions -- and tensions -- tend to run high by the time family gets together. In this atmosphere, even the most innocent comment or minor infraction can open old wounds or cause major new battles. read more

Will Your Hanukkah Survive the Christmas Frenzy?

Will Your Hanukkah Survive the Christmas Frenzy?Separating Hanukkah from Christmas Raising a non-Christian child in a predominantly Christian country is a constant challenge. But around Christmas, life can get particularly complicated. read more