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Presidents' Day

Presidents' Day recognizes two great leaders, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, and the contributions of every American president. Celebrate Presidents' Day with your kids by learning about our country's leaders with these activities, cool quizzes, holiday printables, and more!

Patriotic Craft Activities for Kids

Kids can celebrate Presidents' Day, the Fourth of July, and other civic holidays in style with our great patriotic decorations. They'll learn about America, its history, and the holidays, while creating colorful crafts. read more

Presidential Campaign Slogans

Can you match the slogan to the presidential candidate? read more

Presidents' Day Quiz for Beginners

Test your knowledge America's presidents for the Presidents' Day holiday with this beginner quiz. read more

Presidents' Day Quiz for Experts

Do you think you're an expert on President's Day? Take this quiz and find out! read more

Quiz: Presidents and Their Dogs

You may know a lot about former presidents, but what do you know about their pets? Take this quiz to find out some fun facts about presidents and their dogs. read more

Which Name Gets Your Vote? Top 12 U.S. President-Inspired Baby Names

No matter your political persuasion, you must admit that some U.S. presidents' names happen to make very cool baby names — for both boys and girls. Check out our list of the best president-inspired baby names, from Kennedy to Theodore, and see which ones land on your ballot. read more