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Teens - maintaining a healthy weight.
02/12/2010 at 16:11 PM

My daughter is very weight-concious, she eats three meals a day but nothing more. I know she has recently lost weight because of this, how can she maintain her weight during school days?

Just have her stay away from sugar and juice drinks. She should not deny herself all of life's little pleasures like the occasional brownie or candy but, just keep them to a minimum. Sound like she is doing a good job, though. That's pretty good habit to develop.

Sugars and complex carbs (white bread, pasta, potatoes) are bad, so eat those in moderation. Some diets actually recommend healthy snacking during the day (in addition to the 3 meals) to keep the metabolism going.

About the pasta - she loves pasta, and it's actually pretty low in calories (as long as it's not made with eggs). And she's now having a block of cheese each day to maintain her weight rather than lousing more.

My friend was overweight and talked to doctors about weight loss. She lost nearly 50 pounds over time by cutting back on complex carbs, which she did according to the doctor's suggestions. This is pretty well-recognized weight-loss "science" nowdays- cutting back on the "bad" carbs and sugar. I eat pasta. It's not necessarily bad for you. But white pasta, white bread and other foods with very high glycemic indexes are the culprits in weight gain. Generally, low fat cheese is fine. It is the bread and pasta you have to worry about, not the cheese- it's not calories, it's carbs. If the pasta isnt't burned off, the body doesn't differentiate between white pasta (breaks down to sugar) and a scoop of ice cream. But if she is maintaining her weight that is great :) No sense on cutting out a food she likes.

she loves the pasta, so no matter what she will never stop eating it, but she objects to eat anything but brown bread - which is a step in a goo direction.

Maybe you can have her drink her milk as supplement for her meal...I also have a niece, She don't really eat a lot so we always give her milk and it really helps. celine

Do not restrict her food intake at this age. Maybe you can reduce items like cheese, processed and fried items. Limit soda and drink more water. Also, put her in some sports class after school like swimming, badminton etc. Encourage your teenager to get involved in sports and other high school activities. If your daughter doesn't like sports, ask her if she would like to join ballet or dance outside of school.