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Snack ideas for kids?
08/20/2008 at 16:48 PM

Older kids and teens are always on the go -- it's hard to think of quick and satisfying snacks to keep them going all day. Anyone have suggestions?

We have some great information on the site that has snack ideas and recipes. Also, with my teenager daughter we go with healthy and easy snacks. Yogurt, regular or the frozen pops type. We also usually keep a bunch of cut up veggies around, like carrots, celery and cucumbers for a light snack. Trail Mix with granola, nuts and dried fruit is also a favorite around here. And of course, just a fruit bowl with fruit to grab anytime. Marti

my mom used to make me english muffin pizzas -- just a spoonful of sauce, sprinkle some cheese on, and heat it up in the toaster oven. you have a hot, quick snack that tastes so good!

We love english muffin pizzas! Brings back memories from when I was a kid. My kids also have fun making what we call an "apple sauce man". Put apple sauce in a bowl. Add raisins for the eyes, nose and mouth. Then sprinkle w/ cinnamon. It's a pleaser every time, and it's super easy too!