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Should milk be the main source of calcium for my almost 2 year old?
08/31/2008 at 11:06 AM

We are concerned that he doesn't want to drink milk unless it's warmed AND in a bottle.  He sips juice/water out of sippy cups, kind of half heartedly.  When he's sitting at meal time he's getting pretty good at a regular cup, but quickly starts playing with it or just dumps it on himself or the table.  He gets alot of cheese and cottage cheese, and he has a Yo-Baby yogurt usually at least once a day.  Is this just a transition from the we just need to keep trying.  Our major concern even beyond the calcium is, that he's getting enough to drink period!  The doctor told my husband and I that when he gets thirsty enough he'll drink out of whatever.  Any advice would be great!

As long as he is eating dairy products he should be getting enough calcium. Have you tried chocolate milk? I buy two gallons of milk at a time. Usually when I get home I put Hershey chocolate syrup in to one of the gallon jugs. The extra calories are no where near as bad as soda would be, and the kids are getting more calcium and vitamins. When my two transitioned from the bottle, I used sippy (SP) cups. I would just fill it with ice and water and let them know it was on the table. When moving from sippy cups to a regular cup, I would let the kids pick out the cups they wanted to have. It was usualy spiderman,superman, or TMNT's. They knew they needed to keep the cup towards the top of their plate, and if they had a problem with spilling, they were going back to the sippy cup. Because they both loved their character cups, they transitioned failry easily.

He may have a sensitivity to milk, either digestive or allergic. I knew one little girl who had to have her milk warmed or she had really weird bowel movements, so she just transitioned to processed dairy (cheeses, yogurt, even ice cream). Dark green leafies are also a good source of calcium, but I don't know a lot of little kids who eat lots of kale, chard, and spinach. The OJ with calcium costs the same as regular, so I never buy regular OJ.

Sounds like the warm milk in a bottle is a comfort issue more than anything. We cut out bottles at age 1 by recommendation of the pediatrician. What if you put warm milk in a sippy cup? You may have a little rocky period for a while, but eventually your son will catch on. Once he starts drinking milk from a cup, then you can introduce other things as well, like OJ w/ calcium. Cheese and yogurt are also good sources of calcium, as mentioned previously. Good luck!