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10/30/2011 at 18:56 PM

Hi,I am married for 6 years,but together for 9years. This is my 3rd marriage. I have 2 older kids&2 younger ones,12 & 14yr old boys. My husband hates my boys. They in highschool.We have marrital problems & my husband blames it on my boys. My husband is a big bully & can be very abusive.He swears alot & when we have arguments swearing at me infront of my boys.My 14yr old copies his behaviour & misbehave at school.We moved from South Africa to Ireland cos my hubby is working here. I have my own house in South Africa. We renting a house in Ireland for the last 6yrs.My husband wants me to pay rent for my boys cos he claims we use most of the room here. I end up paying half of the rent and are paying all the bills-tv,broadband,gas,electricity and food. I bought furniture for the house, he only pays half the rent,his contract phone,car insurance. It's my car, so I pay the road tax while he uses it for work.I do my own housework, cooking,ironing,cleaning.He smokes alot,40 a day.When he comes home then he will look for faults to pick on my kids. I can not take it anymore but I'm so ashamed to tell my family. They weren't happy for me to get married a 3rd time. The minute we got married,he changed. He was married before & have 2 kids. He can find no fault in them & are perfect in his eyes. I want to leave but invested so much in this marriage. If I leave now then I will have to leave just with me & my kids. He will keep my belongings or will dispose of it. I can't afford to ship my things to South Africa cos all my money goes into this household. Please give me advise.