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My 22months old not talking yet
01/16/2011 at 13:35 PM

Hi friends, my 22months old son not talking yet. What can i do? And also he is very lean. He has not having average body weight. His weight is 8kg only. What is the way to growth well for my kid?

See your pediatrician to discuss your concerns. If both parents are petite, then your son's weight may be appropriate. Is he developmentally on target other than his weight and speech? A medical professional can examine your child and give you advice that will be best for your child.

Thanks for your great suggestion my dear friend. Pls send me useful tips for growth well to my kid.

He's only 17 pounds? What the pediatrician says about that? You could offer food suplements. Here on Brazil we use to offer Pediasure, I don't know if u have it there. About being talking, that's completely normal not doing it yet; my brother starts talking by age 3 as some friend's children. Good luck! ;)