My 16 month old won't eat!!
12/30/2010 at 16:40 PM

My 16 month old is SOOOOOO dadgum picky!! It seems that all he will eat is Ritz crackers,spaghetti O's,bananas and anything sweet. This is not healthy for him. I have tried going to and making my own menu for him but it seems like it's for the bigger kids even though it's in his age range. He wont eat big foods such as grilled cheese sandwiches,sandwiches,cheeseburgers or anything. Even if I cut it up.He just plays with it. I know it's natural for them to play with their food and that's cool. What isn't cool is that he won't eat. He won't try anything. I go to the store and go up and down every aisle and I can never come up with any meals or snacks for him. Any food ideas on what I can get for my son? I am desperately needing snack ideas with small foods and dinner and breakfast ideas.