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Healthy Ethnic Eating
11/18/2011 at 23:05 PM

How do you maintain optimum health while keeping with tradition? With Thanksgiving coming, does anyone have ideas for healthier soul food and Latin food? I, recently, started a blog in search of others ideas. It is called HealthySoulRican. You can Google the name. Please visit my blog too and give me your ideas.

Put 2 little sticks of raw celery on your (paper) plate. Fill the rest as usual. No seconds. Then when it's time to clean up, do up the serving and preparation dishes, throw away all the paper plates and cups and plastic utensils and go for a walk in the time you'd usually spend washing up .

During the initial years of upbringing, one must make sure, you give your child healthy food to eat and avoid junk stuff, as it would deteriorate their health. I make my child eat Heinz Fruity Pears, which she enjoys a lot and ask for more, I got to know of this through my friend, she purchased it from Hushbabies, which offers a large variety of discounts and offers, and its not expensive also!! You can try Heinz Smooth Creamy Banana Porridge also, which is healthy and as well as enjoyable!Try it out, :)!!