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Healthy eating Fruits & Vegetables Toddlers/Kids
08/19/2012 at 00:49 AM

Hello all, I am new to the community, and would like to introduce myself...
I am trying to reach out to parenting forum because I am trying to see what parents are doing to get their toddlers and kids to eat healthy or eat more fruits and vegetables. Many parents that I do know say they do have a hard time trying to get their toddlers and kids to eat more vegetable and quite a few of them suggested this site to get some type of idea. Your feedback is greatly appreciative and welcomed.

I found this very helpful in my professional capacity. Soory, they would not let me post up the link but if you put mangetout kids in your search engine it should show you the book and all about how the classes started etc.

I really struggle with this in my family as well. Partly because my wife and I are somewhat picky eaters ourselves. One thing we do push for is that our kids try things. On one occasion I bought as many fruits as I could and served a fruit buffet for lunch! The goal was to try everything and vote on which things we liked the best. It was a good experiment and helped steer us to finding more variety when shopping.

Great thanks for your response....

I got my kids hooked on blending. I bought a nutribulet ( I know, kinda cheesy)because I wanted to try blending. I try and buy all organic veggies for it and frozen organic berries. Other fruits like pineapple and bananas are ok. In a weeks times we go through more fruits and veggies than I would have bought in 6 weeks, but the grocery bill has gone down because they will blend sometimes instead of eating a meal. They blend 1/2 vegetables, and half fruit. Voluntarily they are consuming things like raw kale, spinach, romaine, and organic carrots.

Half spinach and half frozen organic strawberris with some almonds or flax seed and water tastes like strawberris. Since the strawberries are frozen, you get a thick cold strawberry drink. When we want something sweet it only takes some frozen fruit, some yogurt and water to blend up something that looks and tastes like fruit flavored soft serve ice cream. The kids dont just like it now, their bodies crave it, and We have all dropped a few pounds.

And blended foods keep your stomach full for longer too so your appetite is satisfied for longer. Very healthy. We love smoothies too.

Great idead and thanks for the feedback...

We pretend to completely ignore picky eating. Act as if you are utterly fascinated with anyone else at the table that is eating his or her vegetables. Lavish lots of attention on the good eaters, discuss the food with them. Watch the picky eaters out of the corner of your eye. If they eat a vegie or a new good food, turn and act fascinated with their behavior. If a kid says "I don't like X" always ignore this just as if you did not hear it. I have used this on two kids and they both were and always have been the opposite of picky eaters. I learned the general technique of directed attention to instill good habits when I was working at a university day-care center. It's from scientific work to determine the most effective parenting methods. See the books "Incredible Years" "Kazdin Method", "Power of Positive Parenting" for more.

thanks Sngldad for sharing this. sounds yummy and nutritios. if you have any other creations like this i would sure love to hear about them.

Well, I do agree that it is extremely difficult and pretty typical problem to get your child to eat half a plate of fruits and vegetables. However we can try involving kids in creating menus, shopping, and preparing food. You can add some finely chopped fruits to gelatin salads, add some pureed sweet peas to guacamole, and serve tiny vegetables, like baby carrots and baby corn, with appetizer dips to attract your kids for eating.

Hi dear, Welcome to this forum and thanks for joining. Eating fresh fruits and raw vegetables is good for the kids health It provides healthy nutrition for the kid's diet. You can also take fresh fruits juices, milk, fruits shakes etc in your diet.