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Is gorging on "healtly" food still healthy?
02/25/2009 at 00:17 AM

My step son has a voracious appetite. He can eat overweight adult males under the table. Dad says as long as it's healthy food, it's ok. I disagree. Comments?

I should mention he's only 8.

I say that moderation is the key. Consuming too much of even a good thing can be a problem when it comes to calories. I would say to try to teach him the difference between being truly hungry and just wanting to eat more. He needs to learn to "hear" the bell go off when he is no longer hungry--not necessarily when he is full. Also, watch the snacking--it is better to have 6 small meals a day, than 3 huge ones and snacks all the time. Also, another question is why does he eat, is he eating emotionally or because he is hungry. I think all of this has to be addressed with him carefully, because you do not want to make too much of an issue of food in general. Make sure that he is active and he is getting out and exercising after he is consuming so many calories. Take a family walk after dinner. Marti

He could be having a growth spurt. Sometimes kids growth looks like a slow motion video of a bouncing ball, they get rounder for a little while, then they shoot up like a stringbean. Don't talk to him about food, boys get anorexic, too. Until kids have their growth, you should provide plenty of healthy food and let them control the amount unless there are health issues identified by the pediatrician.

I don't think this is a growing spurt - it's been getting worse over 3 years. Last night at a family party, he ate more than half of the appetizers laid out for over 20 people so that some had to go without. He then proceded to eat 3 large dinners, and got angry with me when I stepped in and asked for just a small piece of cake for him, and all our kids. Even though he's only 8, he weighs what the growth chart says a 13 year old boy should.

ow wow.. I do understand how does he feel cus I was a chubby kid once. However, that eating habit is very bad for him.. have you seen nutritious? the appetite may not harm him if he is active.. is he in a sport of any other high activity?