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Good ideas for healthy lunches?
08/02/2007 at 17:37 PM

I am finding it harder to keep my kids interested in healthy foods. My son won’t drink much milk and just picks at most vegetables. He starts school this year and I want to send him off with a nutritious lunch that I know he’ll eat. Any good ideas for easy options?

Hey Cara


Welcome to the boards.  I would try to find healthy foods that he likes and go with those.  Can you get him to eat fruit?  Fruit is always something good to send to school for a part of lunch.  Also, we did things like carrot sticks with ranch dressing.  Or ants on a log, celery with peanut butter with raisins sprinkled on top.  Also, try and get your kids to like whole wheat bread and make any sandwiches with it.


Anyone else have any ideas?




Hi, He won't drink milk,will he eat cheese? Whole grain bread cheese sandwich and sprinkle some nutritional yeast in his condiments.It's full of good stuff and he won't notice the taste if mixed with mayo or mustard. I got this recipe for healthy fruit gel (like gummy bears) from 1/2 cup of cool water, 1tbs agar flakes, 1 1/2 cups fruit juice(to sweeten so apple might be good), 1 cup fruit pureed place water in saucepan and sprinkle agar,stir till dissolved,add juice and heat for 1 minute while stirring. Pour into 4 small cups and cool in fridge for 1/2 hr then add pureed fruit. I also puree veggies and pour them over meat and call it sauce,my kids eat it. It's not lunch. How about making a "hoy pockets" type pastry maybe you can mince some broccoli and disguise with tomato paste in the stuffing. good luck

Im a peruvian teacher and 17 years back we have economical problems in peru, so mothers say we agree with tou for bring healthy lounches but what can bring.

grand mothers help too much because voluntairment they make rich deserts for all the class and that was the firs step.

until now each family brings lunch for all the class in order of a list, we make what is goin to be each day and every body knows it, so each day all class eat the same, no way they have to eat because is nothing more to eat an they imitation ways.

The kids learn to eat things they dont do in home and parents learn to do things they have never made to theur families.

every body learn, we have the " COMPARTIR" and the lunch king or queen each day and kids are especting partners like or not what mothers send.

hope you can introduce the idea in your classroom




Cara, try "ants on a log" it's with celery and then peanut butter and top it off with raisins. Try it they might like it.


Hi Cara,

My daughter was the same way doesn't like milk.  She will eat cereal but leave the milk.  I decided that she needed the calcium to help her bones.  I found that she would drink choc. milk, she loves yogart, they have all different kinds.  Cheese is very good with wheat crackers. 

I also would try to get them to eat something healthy then reward them with something like an Ice Cream which is better than candy. 

My grandson is always saying he won't try anything new.  Once he tries it he likes it and always wants more. Keep trying to give them healthy foods they will soon get a taste for it.


I bought some small cookie cutters in the shape of farm animals and use them to cut cheese (cows) etc... I put them in a bowl of goldfish crackers. My kids love it.    You can also shape fruits and sandwiches. The kids love shaping the food themselves.

Sara Lee makes a whole wheat white bread and my kids can not tell the difference. Actually they like it better than any other bread.


At our school, parent volunteers have put together a healthy lunch club that the kids participate in.  It's based on how many vegetables and fruit are in their lunch that they actually eat.  Each kid has a punch card.

We found this to be very effective because then all the kids want to be a part of a "club."  They can even get extra punches for eating healthy at home.  Their parents write a note saying they chose a healthy snack etc...  Then all of their friends are eating veggies too and they think it's awesome!!


I love the ants on a log idea and will definitely try this one at home with my nine year old, who oddly likes celery (I say this because most kids don't). If you're looking for some other ideas, my client just loaded some healty afterchool snack tips on her site at If your children like cookies their cookies are made of all natural products and no trans fats. They will like those alot.


Hi my son was a really fussy eater wouldnt eat sandwiches untill i did it this way

Rollie Sandwiches

Bread with crust cut off flatten with rolling pin.

Put thin layer of spreads on then roll in up you can keep it like a log or cut in up and they look like little snails well thats what my son said.            Enjoy

I never tryed this but my girlfriend has when you mash your potatoe up 

Put food colouring into it

works for her kids.


My kids were always willing to try new foods if I gave the food "names" and made it an adventure. Broccoli was the trees in Sherwood Forest and eaten by RobinHood and his Merry Men. Brussel sprouts were "kryptonite" and you had to eat your "kryptonite" in order to save Superman. Carrots gave you "x-ray vision" to see through walls like Superman too. I did the peanut butter or cream cheese on celery with raisins and that was "ants on a log." There are lots of ways to introduce new foods. Let them give a hand at making their lunches too. You can also let them cut the bread or sandwich meat out in cookie cutter shapes. The skies the limit! What are you willing to do to get your child to experiment? CoronaQueen

First and best idea is to only offer healthy choices from the beginning-not always easy for busy and less than completely organized moms like me. But, we have made some stands in our house that will not be repealed, like whole wheat bread only. Our kids are so used to this bread that when the bakery ran out one evening and all I could buy was white bread my son didn't want to eat "that weird squashed bread"-the whole wheat is so much firmer and chewier-makes better toast, too. Brown rice is great for added fiber and vitamins and can be made in a crockpot or rice steamer for any meal at the ready-make it sweet with honey and raisins or savory with herbs,veggies and cheese, etc. You can use a jar of babyfood veggies as a sauce for pasta like the little stars-my kids love it as a healthier alternative to spaghetti-o's topped with parm. cheese. Stir fruit in gelatin. Serve warmed bananas(micro 30 secs.) with a sprinkle of cinnamon and drizzle of honey and wheat germ if you like a little crunch. Carrots, celery, cherry tomatoes, slices cucumbers with low cal ranch dip(Newmans is yummy) or even peanut butter. Our kids love nuts and popcorn and dried fruit. You can even find dried veggies which you can serve alone or mix into a snack mix with nuts and crackers. Kids love salmon, shock to me! A small filet steamed with a drizzle of honey and salt and pepper or a marinade is a great healthy lunch.

My kids eat a lot of variety too. For lunch they love turkey and cheese, tuna salad, and PB & J. They also love raw vegies and fruits. We use cream cheese, sour cream or apple sauce for dip. We also name certain foods. It does work in getting them to eat! My boys' favorite is spaghetti which we call snakes. Being boys, they love any kind of reptile, bug, or slimy creature. I guess it's the age. 8-)