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Getting kids to eat whole grains
10/02/2008 at 08:50 AM

Whole grains provide essential nutrients that kids need every day. How do you work whole grains into your family's diet?

There is a bakery in my area called Granny's Delight that bakes what they call high fiber whole wheat bread. It is almost as light in texture and flavor as balloon bread and costs about the same, but it has 6 g of fiber per serving, which is a lot more than regular whole wheat at 2 g.

We eat brown rice instead of white in our house. There are also some great whole grain pastas on the market now that are much more nutritious than the regular kind -- and they taste good.

We exposed our kids very early to whole grains so they never had anything else to compare them to. We always buy whole wheat bread and whole grain cereals. Throw some fruit in there, and the kids are happy.