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Cooking with the Kids
07/27/2011 at 12:57 PM

Do you cook with your kids? How do they help you in the kitchen?

My kids make breakfasts pretty well, and bake. We make sushi for one of our holiday get-togethers, and my kids are responsible for refreshments if they host a party here.

My children have grown up now but I cook and bake with my grandchildren when I go and visit. I also work with children under two years of age and we prepare food every day. They bake bread every morning for our snack, and we will often bake for afternoon snack or special occasions. They help prepare the food for snack and we make our own lunch on a Friday when the council only provides poor packed lunches.

I call my kid's "Happy Helpers" in the kitchen. Sounds kind of funny, but kid's naturally like to help. They help me everytime I cook, by stirring, pouring, mixing, tasting, and setting the table. They even help clean up, which is REALLY helpful :) Cooking with your kid's is soooo important for so many reasons. I've attached an article :) Cheers!