cereal - FamilyEducation
07/31/2008 at 22:32 PM

When is it ok to give your baby infant cereal? My son is only 5 weeks and my mom has started giving him tiny amounts of it. He seems to like it, but is it actually gonna hurt him the long run?

I bet your pediatrician has a brochure or something about starting babies on cereal, etc. Get a copy of it and gently say something like "Hey Mom, I didn't know all this!" and read it together. It will say that she is starting cereal WAY TOO EARLY and that she just might be setting your kid up for allergies to the very foods she is introducing. I am so glad you asked, because this is important. I started my baby (30 years ago) on cereal too early and she has asthma and I still don't know if it is my fault!

I would also say it is far too early and could set him off on the road to obesity.

My kids' pediatrician said around 4 mos to start cereal. My MIL used to tell me to put cereal in our babies' bottles, but I never listened b/c the dr said it's a choking hazard. She did it w/ her boys to get them to sleep through the night. It worked, but at least 2 of them have allergies. None of them are overweight, but I have heard that that cld be a factor too. Times have changed so much since then. Listen to your child's dr, and use your judgement. You're the parent.