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8 year old will not eat anything following a case of tonsillitis
05/10/2014 at 08:42 AM


My 8 year old child won't eat food, following a bad case of tonsilittis, she has had this numerous tomes and always starts to eat once it starts to clear up, which it has done, she needs the tonsils out (advice from DR) but that is not for a while at this stage, due to waiting lists. I have tried everything that you could think of, every type of food, prepared in every way imaginable. She simply refuses to eat and says that she is scared it will hurt. I have been to dr's and no help with them so far, it is affecting all aspects of her life now, its been over 15 days and I do not know what else to do, I have a speech pathology appointment to gain some insight there, but other than that I am baffled. Has anyone experienced something like this before and have any ideas solutions?
She is having supplemental drinks and drinks plenty of water, but will not actually physically chew and swallow, I have tried the hard line, and been soft and understanding to no avail, she is normally a really good, healthy eater and have never experienced this before.

You could try home made blended soups and smoothies, and Perhaps some milk shakes made with pureed fruit. How about yogurt, and you could puree fruits and make them into ice lollies.