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24 month old might need testing
05/27/2010 at 19:34 PM

My 2 year old son had his 2 year old check up today and he has always been below the 5 percentile for weight and a little above the 75 percentile for height. and is has always followed a curve. Well, since his last check up at 18 months, he has only gained 1 1/2 pounds and a 1/2 inch in height and the doctors want him back in 2 months to measure him again. they told me that if the is just a little or no change, then they will do some blood work to see if there is an underlying condition. they asked me if he was active and I told them not really. He doesn't like to play at parks becuase they just dont interest him that much. In nursery at our church, they tell me that he usually sits or lays by himself and plays alone or doesn't play at all. But when he is out of nursery he LOVES to run around and talk to the older kids ( so its not like he is not interested in kids completely,right) The doctors also said that it is abnormal for a boy his age to sit through a 2 hour movie and pay attention to it. They gave him a development screening because they think that maybe delays are associated with his poor growth but he has the intellegence and attention of a 4-5 year old. He shows no signs of autism spectrum. so my guess is that he just hangs out with him self in nursery becuase he doesn't want to play with kids his age. but has anyone had this issue with weight and height and what did you do to help your little one?

How are his eating habits?

he is not really interested in food. i am the exact same way. I am the middle sister of two other sisters and growing up, I was never interested in food and for a every long time i looked like i was the youngest. Now i am still slender but taller than boths sisters by 1 1/2 inches. He will eat if i sit and make him eat more but does better eating 6 small meals a day.

Your best bet is to talk to a developmental specialist. My son has delays, not of the same sort, but the developmental pediatrician we see has been very helpful. Also look into early intervention. This is offered through the state and is also helpful w/ handling children's developmental issues. There may be a bit of a waiting list, but the sooner you get your son started, the better. We had our son in early intervention at 2 yrs old. Doing this will also make the transition into school much easier shld your son need special services down the road. W/out early intervention and documentation, however, it's harder to get services for your child. There's nothing to lose. Get your son on the list. Also, look into social groups for your child. Having him interact w/ children in a more structured setting may help as well. Good luck w/ everything. I wish you and your son all the best.