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11 year old concerned with weight
03/26/2008 at 16:12 PM

My daughter is 11 years old and whenever she gets on the scale, she asks if she weighs too much.  I told her she is growing and she is perfect.  She is actually a picky eater and is thin enough to need slim clothes.  She is going through a growth spurt and seems to be all legs.  I wish she would gain a little.  We don't ask her about her weight and she just happens to get on the scale because it's there and her brother constantly is curious about his.  She is very active too so she quickly burns the calories she takes in (I'm a bit envious!)  :)  I'm not sure how to address this with her other than to tell her it is fine because she is getting to a critical stage and I want her to go into it with a healthy attitude about food, weight and her body in general.  Any recommendations?



Is your boy's curiosity about his weight also a problem?  I would keep the scale in the adult bedroom, so they have to get permission to use it and it isn't there in a common area as a reminder.  I would also take control of media (print and video) in the house, cut the cable if you have it and just rent stuff or borrow it from the public library to watch.  It might be a good idea to explain that girls who are too thin during menarche have weak bones, that it is good to have additional fat at this time of your life.    I have 4 thin kids and 2 fat ones.  We have always managed to just be real about weight, it's not a big mystery, different people are just different. 


I agree with not having the scale there to remind her.  My first thought was to just throw the scale out, but you might like to have it. 


She will see media at school and such so getting it out of the house just eliminates some of the opportunity to talk about it. 


Talk about it with her openly and ask lots of questions about what her friends think about their weight and what they think about her weight.  We may tell our kids that it does not matter what their friends think, but it matters to them.