Is this wrong???
10/23/2010 at 20:06 PM

my 4 year old son just started public pre k because his montessori daycare suggested that he might have sensory integration issues and they could help. He has always been a tough to deal with child and very aggressive in daycare and at home. Now he has started hitting his new teachers he has even been sent to the principals office. I have kept in close contact with his teacher ans was told he would be watched by the school psychologist and they would get backto me. but to my surprise when i showed up unannounced on friday i9 discovered that they had him chewing on a makeshift neclace made of yarn and rubber hose. they have decided it calms him. without even asking or notifying me. i was livid. has anyone ever heard of this? dont you think i should have been told? He looked ridiculous, i am worried about the other kids teasing him, and the cleanliness of it when he doesnt have it, and the effect it will have on his teeth and the fact that it will be something we have to wean him from like a binky because afterall he cant go to high school chewing on a rubber hose. can they legally do this without telling me? what should i do? He does chew on his shirt when he is nervous or in trouble and they have decided this is better> i am worried he wont talk with it in his mouth and participate in conversations in claSS. PLEASE HELP