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Would you home drug test your teen?
11/30/2010 at 16:01 PM

I figured this might get more answers from parents. I have two daughters. I am not worried about them being out of control. Both are good kids, getting good grades, and are successful athletes.
But I don't want them to derail their strong positive outlook. I am wondering if I should routinely drug test them.
Would anyone else do this? Does anyone else have experience with this? I was reading about the Myteensavers home drug test, and I was surprised that teens were supporting being tested by their parents.
Looking for help from others like me..


Hi Jeffyjoe I would only drug test my teen if I had reason to believe they were using drugs. I don't think I would test just in case. I think that would break trust between you and your daughters. Marti http://www.familyeducation.com/home/

If I was not spending at least 10 minutes a day face-to-face (at meals, over homework, doing chores) with my teen, I might consider drug testing. Research the common signs and symptoms of drug abuse, then make a decision.

No, I definitely wouldn't. As was said, it does break the trust between you. If you spend quality time with your child I am sure you would be able to spot the signs of drug abuse.

I agree with previous posters. There are many other ways to detect if your teen having troubles without overtly showing mistrust like that--mainly, by talking to them and making them feel like they can come to you with anything. good luck!

I agree with Host Marti!

Jim, did you ever have a drug scare wwith your own children? Please tell us how you handled that. Also, how many kids do you have?

I am a teenager who is similar. I am good in school and sports. If my parents drug tested me routinely I would be very upset. That is an invasion of privacy after they proved they are good kids who can handle some freedom. Only drug test them if you have a reason to believe they will test "positive".

jillian Thank you for a teenager's perspective here. It's SO REFRESHING! jim

You are a teenager and have no say here. It is your parents job to guide you into adult life with the ability to deal with life, f they test you, they ARE doing their job. You dont prove once you have earned trust and then are entitled to it, it is earned by ongoing honesty and reliability. You are not the parent here..if you want trust, then earn it and do as you are told. Nobody owes you anything because you exist, if you want trust Earn it. Brat

Just once is not a "scare" ..its the real thing. Crawl out of your frightened denial and be firm and direct. Young mothers now are ridiculously dramatic about everything. Drama makes it worse not better. No one has wonderful perfect kids, they all do stupid things. Get tough, drop the drama, or they will give you more than a ”scare” sheesh