wot is she doin
07/31/2010 at 12:49 PM

hi all,im a newbie so hope u all dont mind me joinin.i need some advice on me little madam leah,since she was roughly around 6months she has done this bizzare thing where she lays on her back lifts her legs partly of the floor,she grabs her clothes an glings to them,while doin this she appears to be in her own little world an seems like she concentratin n sometimes in a bit of discomfort. she csn be in middle of watchin tv o throwin a tantrum o middle of asda an she just gets on floor an does it.sometimes when i try t stop her doin it she lashes out,othertimes she is fine.
some doctors av said its nothin n maybe they are right but im concerned an confused as t why she does it. any advice would be great.xx