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Working to Support Family
06/25/2008 at 14:48 PM

In an ad I saw for The Baby Borrowers on NBC I see that they are having the "parents" on the show work in order to help support the family. I'm glad they're doing will add some more reality to the situation. Any thoughts on the show?

For many thoughts on the show please refer to the baby borrowers thread in general parenting discussions. This NBC spammer is trying to do their job, getting up the ratings, to make more money. Aparently they don't care what traumatic experiences these poor infants and toddlers went through.

Sorry, not a spammer...just a fan of the show and interested of people's thoughts.

Really? Because I know I've been devoting a lot of time to this, because I feel so strongly that the children have been harmed, and it looks to me like you've been spending even more time than I have. If this is not something you are passionate about, and not something you are getting paid for, what exactly is your motivation? This is probably a rhetorical question, AverageCarrie rarely provides real information.

Sorry, didn't see how you could be such a fan of a show that hasn't aired yet without being an insider. You sure are working hard